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will the nfl make up the bills bengals game

Hey friend, lately I’ve been so disappointed about how the NFL is handling the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals game season. The NFL postponed their matchup earlier this year and no one knows when the game will be played. I’m angry, hurt, and perplexed by the NFL’s decision and the lack of information regarding when the game will continue. It’s been especially difficult for the players of both teams who don’t know when their season will start and what the future holds for them.

Ugh, it’s so frustrating. This isn’t how the NFL typically handles postponements or cancellations. It seems like every other team and season have gone on without a hitch even though the Covid-19 pandemic is still occurring. They made the decision to postpone the seasons and games of the Bills and Bengals without even giving any real updates on the situation. People are so confused and cheap jerseys there isn’t any guidance Cheap Jerseys from china the NFL.

I feel so bad for the fans of both teams, too. They’ve anxiously waited for the season to start and it just never did. The players said that they’ve worked hard all summer despite the uncertainty and have been preparing for the season. The Bengals and Bills won’t even have an opportunity to get out and show off all their hard work if the game isn’t re-scheduled.

Questions arise about if the game will be cancelled forever if the players make the decision to opt-out. This situation almost seems too complicated, like it’s an equation that can never be solved. Will this entire season simply be lost like it never happened?

I’m trying to stay positive but sometimes I feel like the NFL is only teasing us with potential solutions or anything related to the game. It’s like the entire situation has been put on the back burner and no one knows how to bring it back out onto the forefront of the league.

The NFL might have their reason to postpone, but it still feels like they’re not doing enough to move things forward or make sure the matchup is taken care of. They’re ignoring the Bills and Bengals and like the entire season was just a dream.

It’s so sad because both the Bills and Bengals have such dedicated and passionate fan bases. But it also kinda feels like we’ve already said goodbye to the Bills and Bengals season this year, like it’s been cancelled without the NFL even making the official announcement.

It’s hard to not be a little bit bitter and even though I understand the situation, I’m still angry. I’ve always been so proud of the Bills and Bengals – they make our city a unique place to live. I thought we’d have the privilege of seeing them play this season but now I don’t know if the game will even happen. I just hope the NFL comes up with a solution soon and that the Bills and Bengals can finally have their game.