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will lockwood nhl

Just B: B Bold: Yellow collar necklaceWill Lockwood NHL – It’s a story that the hockey world is buzzing about. Will Lockwood, star forward of the American Hockey League (AHL) Vancouver Canucks, is on the fast track to be called up by the National Hockey League’s (NHL) Vancouver Canucks.

Fans of the Canuck’s organization are giddy with excitement, and why not? Lockwood’s a game-changing player who could quickly turn a rebuilding team into one of the premier franchises within the NHL. At just twenty-one years of age, he left a lasting impression on the Western Hockey League (WHL) and AHL becoming an All-Star in each season.

I mean, his stats speak for themselves. During his time in the WHL, Lockwood managed 112 goals and 171 assists; and in the AHL last season, Lockwood netted 20 goals and 35 assists. The man’s a point and goal-scoring machine! He’s also got a knack for showing up on the big stage. In the 2020 AHL playoffs, Lockwood had an absolutely monstrous performance putting up six points in nine games and scored one of the most important goals of the Canucks’ playoff run.

It’s no wonder why the Canucks are interested in Lockwood. Scouts all around the league have been tracking his progress since his days in the WHL. He has consistently shown tremendous skill, grit, and athleticism that would be invaluable to any team in the NHL.

Will Lockwood is expected to make impact in the nhl shop almost immediately. He’s already a fan favorite thanks to his tremendous AHL performances. Lockwood is certainly one to keep your eye on as it looks he’s on the verge of becoming an NHL star.

The Canucks organization hasn’t made an official statement about Lockwood’s call up yet. But with the current buzz around the hockey world, it should only be a matter of time before Lockwood is taking the NHL by storm.

Will Lockwood will be the missing piece that the Canucks have been looking for to turn them into Cup contenders. If he can translate his AHL success into the nhl jerseys, the Canucks would have a frontline of scoring depth unmatched by any other team in the league.

Not only can Lockwood score, but he brings a great defensive presence to the ice. His hockey IQ is off the charts, as is his ability to anticipate how plays will develop, and make great defensive plays to disrupt the opposition.

If Lockwood is promoted to the Canucks, fans could finally see them make some noise in the playoffs. Having a player with his skill set and playing style is exactly what the Canucks need to take the next step. The Canucks should be able to go toe-to-toe with any team in the league if they’re able to sign Lockwood.

The Canucks have a great core in place that includes Pettersson, Hughes, and Miller among others. Adding Lockwood to this group could help to finally put the Canucks on the hockey map, and would make for a nice addition to their already stacked forward line.

The Canucks believe in the long-term success of Lockwood in the NHL and they feel he can help catapult the team to a new level. He’s fast, strong, and has an incredible shot that could help to carry the team on their Stanley Cup run. Add in the phenomenal leadership skills that Lockwood has displayed and his potential to become an NHL star and you begin to see why the Canucks are so high on him.

Will Lockwood’s NHL career is hopefully about to take off. He’s worked hard to be here and his impact can’t be underestimated. If the Canucks can pull off signing him soon then they might be in for an exciting ride. With so much talent and potential on their roster, the future is looking bright for the Vancouver Canucks and their fans.