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will kenny pickett be good in nfl

My buddy and I were talking about the upcoming NFL draft the other day. It’s a tradition for us – every year we get together and debate who we think will be the best picks for the teams. This year we were particularly interested in one player – Kenny Pickett. We’d been hearing a lot of buzz about this kid and were keen to get an opinion on him.

Personally, I think Kenny Pickett has a real chance to be a great player in the NFL. His college career was riddled with accolades, and he showed impressive accuracy, throwing for over 10,000 yards and 56 TDs in three years. He’s got the physical skill to make it in the big leagues – he’s quick enough on his feet, Cheap Jerseys free shipping has a good arm, and never hesitates to take a chance downfield.

But even more impressive than his physical attributes, Pickett possesses a natural drive and determination on the field. He’s a leader; during his college career, he was often seen rallying the troops and pushing them to their best. He’s beyond comfortable in the pocket, and can make something out of nothing when the opportunity arises. His college coaches have nothing but great things to say about him, praising his ‘off the charts’ football IQ and saying he occasionally even surprised them with the runs he would make.

Of course, that won’t guarantee him success in the NFL. But Kenny has the work ethic and drive to get there, and I sincerely believe he could be one of the best quarterbacks in the league given the right system and the right team. His college team relied heavily on his organisation and leadership abilities, proving that he can handle difficult and varied situations too.

I’m excited to see where Kenny ends up in the draft, because there is definitely some real potential for him to be great in the NFL. I have every faith that the coaches he ends up with will create the perfect opportunities for him to thrive, and I think that this could be a really good era of football if they reach their potential.

But, what about his stats? Well, for starters, Kenny has a great ratio of touchdowns to interceptions – 68 TDs to 24 INTs. He also has a strong completion percentage in the mid-sixties, which is well above average for the NCAA and Cheap Jerseys from china could be the making of him in the NFL.

And even more impressive – Kenny Pulls off Trick Plays. He’s great at being resourceful on the pitch and always finding the best solution for his team. This kind of player thrives in the NFL, and I’m sure his coaches will recognize that.

It’s safe to say he’s been consistently successful. His college career was filled with wins and records, and I’m sure that will continue in the NFL if he gets the chance. Kenny Pickett’s determination and vision on the field makes him stand out, and I’m sure he’ll be a great addition to any NFL team.

I can only see a successful future for Kenny. He has the talent and the drive to ensure a brilliant NFL career, and I’m positive that he has the potential to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. With the support of the perfect team and coaches, I think Kenny Pickett could really make a mark on the NFL.

I can only wait and see how things pan out for him – all I know is that I’ve got high hopes for Kenny Pickett. Is he the best QB in the draft this year? Who knows! But I’m confident that he could be great in the NFL and I’m excited to see where he goes.