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will jon gruden ever coach in the nfl again

It’s been more than a decade since Jon Gruden left the nfl Jerseys – an eternity by football terms. It’s not surprising then to wonder whether the legendary coach will ever take the field once more. To be honest, I think it’s an uphill battle for him.

One thing is for certain: Gruden is passionate and hungry to coach football. In interviews, he wears his heart on his sleeve and demonstrates that he still has the same fire he did when he led the Oakland Raiders to the Super Bowl in 2002. How could you not be inspired by that kind of enthusiasm?

From analysing games on Monday Night Football to spending time in the broadcast booth, Gruden’s fandom of football is still ever-present. He’s made it no secret that he’d love to grace the sidelines again and many have speculated that he might join the Jacksonville Jaguars or another needy franchise.

Gruden’s age and wealth are a couple of points of contention. At 57, he’s older than the average coach and if he were to return, his salary and ego would need to be taken into consideration. Additionally, a chance at coaching alongside his son Deuce could be a reason for returning.

Then come the naysayers. Former Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon believes that Gruden would be “content to sit there in the broadcast booth.” Similarly, wholesale nfl jerseys Network analyst Akbar Gbajabiamila states “that he doesn’t have the burning desire within himself to come back and do it.”

I find myself curious, more than anything. It would be fascinating to see Gruden do what he loves again and the potential for his success is staggering. Will his tenure come with a bang or a flop? That’s what I want to know and it’s something I’ll be paying close attention to in the coming years.

Though there have been a number of rumors, Gruden to date hasn’t shown any inclination to actually pull the trigger. Frankly, coaching today is nothing like it was when he left in 2008. The game has become more technical with additional focus on data analytics and there is no doubt that Gruden would need to adapt.

Of course, some coaches have had success returning to the sidelines late in their career. Bill Snyder and Joe Philbin quickly come to mind and both managed to take their respective teams to the playoffs this past season. Thus, it stands to reason that perhaps Gruden only needs one right place and the right time to be a success himself.

I think any expert would agree; it’s difficult to determine whether if and when Jon Gruden will decide to coach in the NFL again. It’s a huge commitment and the risks are considerable. On the other hand, nothing compares to the electricity of coaching and the opportunity to be a part of something greater. It’s a riveting notion and I don’t think the idea of Gruden’s return will go away anytime soon.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Gruden’s motives are more complicated than making a decision either way. He’s a man of football and the game still has a hold on him. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the end. If we’ve learned anything, it’s to never doubt Gruden’s passion. Of course, only time will tell what his next move will be.

Gruden has an incredible array of contacts and connections at the moment and that’s certainly a good thing. People love to throw out the phrase “it’s a small world” and in Gruden’s case, that sentiment could play a large part in his future. While it may sound cliché, there’s still a level of truth to it.

Perhaps Gruden’s story is similarly akin to the classic prodigal son tale. Will his career be rekindled or will the flame remain dormant? The future of Gruden’s potential return could go any which way, but one thing’s for certain – the journey will be an iconic one.

Gruden’s influence is already dramatically felt in a number of organizations across the league. He’s been credited as the driving force behind the success of quarterbacks like Jared Goff, Derek Carr and Matt Stafford. Gruden’s legacy is without dispute and even without coaching on Sundays, it’s hard to deny his impact.

We know that Gruden has a sharp eye for talent and it’s likely that if he chose to take the job, he would be able to assemble a formidable roster of playmakers. Signing the right free agents could take his team to the next level. I continue to hope that Gruden gets the job he deserves and is able to showcase his amazing talents.

Although Gruden is ticking a lot of boxes in order to make a return to the field, the biggest hurdle remains his family’s wishes. Gruden, along with his wife Cindy, may simply want to watch their kid’s sporting events together. Parenting is of great importance to the Gruden family and missing out on that time could be a major consideration.

At the end of the day, it comes down to Gruden’s desires and goals. It’s certain that if he did feel the support of his family and the organization, he could be unbeatable. I can hear his famous Grudenisms echoing across the field and the stands. Wouldn’t that be heavenly?

Finally, should Gruden make the decision to come back and take a chance on the unfamiliar, he will need to be prepared to face tougher criticism than ever. Gruden isn’t the same as he was when he first left, and is now presented with a somewhat new set of challenges to navigate. It’s a demanding job and I only wish him the best.