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will ian book play in the nfl

I absolutely cannot wait for the football season to begin so I can see if Ian Book will play in the NFL. He’s been on my radar after playing so well for the Golden Bears in college football, and I just keep asking myself, will Ian Book work his magic in the pros? It’d be the friggin’ bee’s knees if he could!

Ever since he first took the field as freshman for the Univesrity of Notre Dame, people have been talking about Ian Book. In his first season, he threw for 2,628 yards and 19 touchdowns and had enough heart and poise to lead ND to victory. When he announced he was entering the NFL draft, I was one of the first to join the ‘Ian Book Fanclub’.

It’s abundantly clear that Book has the skills and talent to play in the NFL. What I’ve heard his coaches say before is that his most valuable asset is good decision-making, and you need that to succeed in the pros. He can make the tough decisions under pressure and is resilient, willing to try new things if something isn’t working. On top of that, he’s got incredible accuracy, arm strength and field vision.

Book has shown his willingness to grind in the off-season too, working on his mechanics and improved accuracy. So with so much championship potential, it’s no surprise that he was selected by the Washington Football Team in third round of the NFL draft.

But the real question is: can Book take it to the next level? Has he gotten better than he was in college, or has he flatlined? Experts believe that he is more than capable of being a successful nfl Jerseys quarterback, and I think that’s because Book is a winner. He’s confident in his abilities, and he’s never afraid to take risks. To me, that’s the type of leader you need in the NFL.

The Washington football team has some great pieces around Ian, including wide receiver Terry McLaurin and Cheap Jerseys china running back Antonio Gibson. Having those two in the huddle could propel the team to success. All of the pieces are in place, but the question remains: Can Book put it all together? It’s gonna be intriguing to find out!