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why isn’t stetson bennett in the nfl

Stetson Bennett is one of the most remarkable college quarterbacks I have ever seen. He has a strong arm, great instincts, and throws beautiful passes. All of these qualities have made scouts across the country drool as they try to figure out why he isn’t in the NFL. After all, for many years, Bennett has been the highest-rated passer in the SEC, an elite conference.

As I watched Bennett play, it became obvious to me that he had the talent and drive to make it in the NFL. His footwork is impeccable, and his accuracy is second to none. He just has that “it” factor that you can’t teach. So why isn’t he in the NFL?

The answer may lie in the fact that Bennett is somewhat undersized compared to other quarterbacks. He’s only six foot, and every coach has a certain type of quarterback they are looking for to fit their system. Bennett may not fit that mold perfectly.

Another reason Bennett may not have made it to the NFL is that he suffered an ankle injury in his senior year. The ankle injury meant that Bennett would have to prove himself in the pre-draft process all over again. This put him at a disadvantage compared to other quarterbacks who were able to compete in the pre-draft process, and it may have cost him his shot.

Lastly, it could be because of bad luck. Whether it was bad timing, not being invited to the combine, or some other issue that occurred in Bennett’s career, sometimes the cards just don’t come up in a player’s favor.

In spite of all of this, though, wholesale jerseys from china I believe Bennett still has a chance at making it in the NFL. While he may not have made it on his first try, there are still opportunities to get onto a roster and make an impact. Bennett has all of the natural athleticism, intangibles, and leadership qualities of a great quarterback, Cheap Jerseys china and I’m sure he can make a great impression when given the chance.

The Broncos have already expressed interest in Bennett, and with his skills and knowledge of the game, I think Bennett can be a valuable asset for any NFL team. He has a great arm, can read a defense, and can make the pre-snap adjustments. In my opinion, Bennett just needs the right opportunity to show he can play with the best.

Bennett can also contribute in other ways if he doesn’t get an opportunity to play quarterback. He could serve as a mentor to younger quarterbacks or be a special teams player. As a four-year starter at Georgia, Bennett has the intangibles and the ability to excel in any role he’s given and make an impact on an NFL team.

Bennett should be given the chance to prove that he belongs on an NFL roster. As a dedicated player with unrivaled ability and tenacity, he just might be the missing piece that a team needs to make their roster whole. All Bennett needs is the right team to give him the opportunity to show what he can do.