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why do ohio state quarterbacks fail in the nfl

My friend, do you remember the moment when Ohio State became National Champions? I can still recall that phenomenal moment as if it just happened a few hours ago.

I am an Ohio native and I am ecstatic about the success of Ohio State’s football team over the past decade. Ohio State remains a powerhouse in college football, but why do their quarterbacks struggle to find success at the professional level? It seems to be a never-ending cycle.

We have seen these Ohio State QB prospects have all the talent in the world. They can make all the NFL throws, yet they fail to perform at the highest level and go down in history as busts. From Art Schlichter to Troy Smith, they all have been victims of the system that does not set them up for success.

It starts with the ability of NFL scouts to accurately evaluate the talent of the Ohio State QBs. Scouts seem to be quick to give top grades without actually watching to see if they fit with their respective teams. The scouts overestimate the QBs while failing to focus on the NFL side of the equation– the importance of scheme fit and team culture.

Then you have the coaches who fail to develop them in the short amount of time. NFL teams expect instant results from their players these days and Ohio State QBs require time to adjust to the pros. Furthermore, Ohio State plays a spread system which is a completely different ball-game in the NFL.

Apart wholesale jerseys from china that, College QBs head into the NFL too early before they can really understand the game. Yes, they have shown promise at Ohio State, but the level of physicality and mental capability that is expected of them is dialed up several notches in the pros. When you combine these shortcomings, you get QB prospects who fail to meet the high expectations that are placed upon them.

Additionally, Ohio State’s run-heavy system does not give QBs the opportunity to show off their abilities. They are taught to manage the offense and make the correct decisions, not necessarily rack up gaudy stats. This does a disservice to Ohio State QBs since NFL teams rely on college stats while analyzing young QBs.

It’s disheartening that Ohio State QBs have not had the opportunity to shine in the NFL especially after their stellar college careers, but I am hopeful that they will break through soon. Ohio State QBs have earned their stripes and deserve a chance to make a name for themselves in the pros.

At the same time, scouts need to take a closer look at the QB’s skill set and assess if they fit with the team’s culture and system. If that’s done, then perhaps the Ohio State QB curse will come to an end. And who knows, we may get to see an Ohio State QB lift the Lombardi Trophy soon.

It’s important to have a comprehensive evaluation process when drafting and Cheap Jerseys from china assessing college QB prospects as every individual is different and requires specific criteria to be evaluated. For example, not all QBs are able to understand a complex system and calling apposite audibles at the line of scrimmage. But when they are given the time to go through the process of learning a system, they can eventually become the masters of that offense.

This process usually requires patience and the right environment. NFL teams must recognize that they won’t be able to force their expectations on the QBs and they will have to figure out how to utilize them according to their abilities.

Moreover, offensive coordinators must be flexible with their playbook and find ways to include plays that their QBs are most comfortable with. If they can’t figure out the perfect scheme then they should at least make sure the QBs don’t have to worry about making mistakes that lead to turnovers.

Also, coaches must understand the mental side of the game and nurture the QBs in that area as well. The importance of coaching-QB relationship cannot be stressed enough and it has to be handled with care.

Football is a team game and everyone needs to do their part to help the QB find success in the NFL. If the mental aspect of the game is taken care of, QBs can often find success even if the physical tools are not necessarily there.

Undoubtedly, there are multiple factors that contribute to the problem and it needs to be addressed by everyone in order to make sure Ohio State QBs don’t become busts in the NFL. As fans, it is up to us to hold our favorite teams accountable and keep challenging the system.