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why are there 2 nfl games on monday

Have you ever stopped to think about why there are two NFL games on Monday? Of course, there are always great matchups and games that we don’t want to miss, wholesale jerseys from china but what other reasons are there? I, myself, love watching NFL games on Monday nights, and I’m often curious as to why there are two, rather than just one.

Well, I’m here to tell you why so many of us are able to enjoy multiple NFL games on Monday night. The explanation, though somewhat complicated, is certainly interesting. Back in 1970, when Monday Night Football first began, two games were shown on both Monday and Tuesday nights. The Monday night games had a later start time, which meant that viewers in the Central and Mountain time zones could watch the game in its entirety; in the East and Pacific time zones, viewers had to wait until the game began in their own time zones. To avoid this scheduling conflict, the NFL eventually agreed to add a second game to the Monday night lineup. So, over the years, we’ve come to expect two games on Monday nights.

Another reason why there are two NFL games on Monday night is because of the sheer popularity of the sport. With millions of people tuning in to every game, scheduling two games on Monday night helps to spread out viewership, giving more people a chance to catch their favorite teams. This is especially true for large markets such as the NY Giants, Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, and New England Patriots, whose games require a larger audience and draw more viewers. By scheduling two games on Monday night, wholesale nfl jerseys the NFL gives the opportunity for these large market teams to reach their maximum potential viewership.

Now, while there are many reasons for having two games on Monday night, the main reason is simple – more audience and more revenue. Monday night is one of the most successful nights of the week for the NFL. It draws record viewership numbers, and if two games are scheduled on the same night, more people will tune in, resulting in more money for the NFL and its sponsors. The league can make more money by charging higher fees to its advertisers, as well as by selling more merchandise. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

So, why are there two NFL games on Monday night? In a nutshell, two games on Monday night allow the NFL to reach more viewers and generate more revenue. With two games on the same night, the NFL can make more money, and its fans can enjoy the most intense matchups each week under the bright lights of Monday night.