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who won the nfl super bowl in 2000

Hey, I was just reminiscing the other day about the 2000 wholesale nfl jerseys Super Bowl, and was so excited when I remembered who had won that year – The Baltimore Ravens! That’s right, the Baltimore Ravens took home the trophy after an incredible game of football, and the city was absolutely abuzz with excitement.

I remember being at the game on the day, and everyone was so pumped up about their victory! The atmosphere was electric, wholesale jerseys from china the blue and purple of the fans, to the ‘Ravens, Ravens, GO RAVENS!’ chants throughout the stadium. The players had the biggest smiles on their faces when the game was over, and they deserved it – it was a hard-fought win.

After coming second in the American Football Conference in the 1999 season, the Ravens worked so hard that year to get to the Super Bowl. And, in the end, all their hard work paid off – they went on to beat the Giants, 35-7, and win the Lombardi Trophy.

The playoffs only got sweeter after that. The Ravens defense didn’t allow any points in the first two playoff games, and I remember having the time of my life! People were cheering, shouting, and hugging strangers. It was incredible!

I’ve always thought the Baltimore Ravens were the best team in the league, and this just confirmed it. However, this was more than just a Super Bowl victory for the team. It was a victory for the city of Baltimore and for the fans. We all felt so proud and excited!

The celebration didn’t just end that night, either. Whether it was a big parade or a black-and-blue ‘tuxedo’ themed party, it felt like the entire city was celebrating. It was honestly one of the best moments of my life – and I’ll never forget it.

The 2000 Super Bowl was definitely one of the best games ever played; full of excitement, emotion, and a triumph of the underdog. That’s why I’m so proud of the Baltimore Ravens. They worked so hard and earned a well-deserved victory and it will always be remembered.

To further fuel the fire of my excitement, before the season started, the Ravens had anticipated a good year and certainly didn’t disappoint. Despite the lack of depth at certain positions the Ravens managed to find ways to win games. In particular, some note-worthy games include the dramatic, come-from-behind victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the tiebreaking win against the Seattle Seahawks. This showed the whole league that with the proper strategy and dedication, the Ravens were here to stay!

I can easily say that the 2000 Baltimore Ravens were easily the most beloved team in the NFL that year; winning the Super Bowl was just icing on the cake. They had camaraderie, loyalty and a shared goal that held them together, not to mention the awesome offense that featured one of the most dynamic duos of all time- Jamal Lewis and Priest Holmes. The whole team was a force to be reckoned with and it showed on the field- the ‘Purple Pride’ had finally become a reality.

The total winning percentage for the Baltimore Ravens in the 2000 season was .750 (12-4) which was the highest in the AFC and second highest in the NFL. The Ravens had the distinction of winning the most games in one season than any other team in NFL history at the time. This was a major accomplishment as there hadn’t been a team in NFL history who had won so many games in a single season and it’s something I’m sure the fans will never forget.

The Ravens also ended the playoff run in 2000 winning three out of four games; beating the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, and Tennessee Titans, before ultimately beating the Giants in the Super Bowl. Though the most impressive stat of the season may have been their defense. The Ravens only allowed the fewest points in the regular season in NFL history (969), and were the first team in NFL history to hold the opposing teams to 1000 or fewer yards for an entire season.

The Ravens also had an incredible offence as well. They were actually the only team that season to have three players rush for over 1,000 yards. The Ravens also had the third highest rushing total in the league with 2,476 yards! It was an offense to be reckoned with and that helped in securing the win.

All in all, 2000 was an incredible season for the Baltimore Ravens and a truly remarkable Super Bowl victory. To this day, I’m still in awe of how well the team came together and how hard they worked that year. The team, the city and the fans will always have that victory to look back on and cherish.