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who.owns the nfl

Talking about the NFL, who owns it? Well, that’s a complicated answer. People believe it’s the owners of the 32 team leagues. But I think it’s more than just that. Heck, it’s the fans, the players, the coaches, the cities that all come together and truly own it. Man, owning the NFL is like a shared ownership.

On one hand, you have the team owners that invest investments for better or worse. They set the terms, the pay scale and the rules. And rightly so, they make most of the money off the players and are responsible for where the teams play. On the flip side, you got the players and fans. They put their blood, sweat and tears into the games and create the atmosphere. You better believe it, they get the cheers and jeers and shape the overall experience of the NFL.

It’s funny how the owners and players are more like Sisyphean figures. You know, they are chained together pushing the rock up hill continuously. The owners try to wrangle control, the players try to lobby for better pay. It’s a never ending cycle yet, it’s also an interconnected one. Takes a village, I always say.

You ever notice how the coaches have to switch teams? Somehow, they hop on the carousel and wholesale jerseys from china seem so docile in each shift. I mean, they make playscalls. They take the hits and keep the show on the road. I think it’s an old school, die hard spirit I can appreciate.

I suppose it’s only right that the cities are apart of the NFL experience as well. After all, it’s the cities and communities that provide the sanctuaries for the games. They set the tone in the stands, on the sidelines and Cheap Jerseys china in the locker rooms. I sometimes wonder why the cities don’t take a bigger piece of the pie. Why are owners the majority shareholders then?

Nowadays, the NFL has expanded worldwide. You got the players promoting their products and the owners cashing in. But in the midst of the money and the media, does anyone actually own the NFL? I think we all do in a sense, right? It’s like leaving a legacy- the game lives off of it’s fans and players. We invest in it, we get to enjoy it. In the end, it’s our game, isn’t it?

To me, it’s a combination of individuals and communities that make up the NFL. It’s like a capsule, all the parts matter in some way. I guess that’s why, no one really ‘owns’ it. It belongs to all of us, even if it’s shared….