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who makes the nfl trophy

Wow! Who makes the NFL Trophy? That’s one of the most revered and treasured accolades in all of professional sports. As a longtime fan, it’s exciting to know its origin story.

First thing’s first – the official name is the “Vince Lombardi Trophy.” It was created in the 1970s, the year after Vince Lombardi passed away. The trophy, a silver FIFA World Cup-style creation, is crafted by famed jeweler Tiffany & Co.

Let me tell you a little bit about the design. It stands 22-inches tall and is crafted from seven lbs of sterling silver. The top features a regulation-size football made entirely of sterling silver; the bottom of the trophy features a football-shaped “tapered pedestal.” It’s pretty special.

The construction of the trophy isn’t a simple task. It takes over four months to design and craft. And it can’t be just any sterling silver – it has to be ultra-polished and flawless, Cheap Jerseys china as it will be the center of attention for millions (and millions) of football fans viewing the Lombardi Trophy on TV and at the live Super Bowl championship-winning event.

That wasn’t the only design parameter, though – “the trophy has to be genderless, timeless and enduring, representing values that go beyond winning and losing.” Big words, but the trophy definitely lives up to them.

When the Lombardi Trophy was first crafted in 1971, the trophy was only worth $25,000. Fast forward a few more decades, and now the trophy is worth over $50,000. It’s insane to think something so prestigious could have such a financial value. Regardless of money though, this trophy is one of the most amazing sports trophies you’ll ever come across.

It’s obvious why the Lombardi Trophy is held in such high esteem. It was created by a world-renowned jeweler, it takes four months to make, Cheap Jerseys from china and it’s not just for the winning team – it symbolizes victory for all of the teams that competed throughout the season. The Lombardi Trophy stands for hard work, excellence, and true sportsmanship. It takes one special team every year to be worthy of such a special trophy.