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who is in the 100 year nfl commercial

5 months agoThe 100 year NFL commercial was one of the most talked about things of 2019. As far as I can remember, this commercial was played on all major networks and everyone was discussing who was featured in it. In this commercial, several football stars were highlighted, showing how the game had evolved over the generations.

When the commercial first aired, I thought was hyperbolically cool. All these legendary players Cheap Jerseys from china various teams were put in one commercial, all representing the greatness of the NFL. The commercial opens with Jim Brown, a Browns player from the late 1950’s,walking into a locker room, where he’s greeted by current stars like Odell Beckham Jr, Von Miller, Antonio Brown, and more. This symbolized the longevity of the league and how it has carried throughout the generations.

The commercial was positively poetic, almost making me want to shed a few tears. Players like Brown, Joe Montana, and Aaron Rodgers, representing the old, medium, and new generations of football had such great chemistry on screen. They were all making jokes and having friendly banter with each other to make it truly feel like a locker room scene.

The most important part of the commercial was the voiceover by Samuel L. Jackson. He used powerful words like “passed,” “evolved,” and “unified” to illustrate how the game of football has endured for over a century. wholesale jerseys from china wooden pylons and leather helmets to modern technology and improved safety, Jackson gave us a quick overview of how football has evolved. Plus, he used catchphrases like “Make Football 100” at the end of the commercial, which made it impossible to forget.

I was in awe at seeing these greats, representing the past, present, and future of the NFL, all just simply enjoying themselves. It made me think, that in spite of our differences, we can still come together and share in something, like football. I absolutely loved this commercial and still to this day get all excited when I watch it.

When the commercial was released, a few experts expressed their opinions on it. One said that the commercial captured the same feel of past legendary Super Bowl ads, while another said it was an ode to the game of football. I liked how the Steelers, Cowboys, and even the Raiders got a good share of representation in the commercial, which gave it an international and unified feel.

The commercial further exemplified how the game has evolved over the years. Going back to the early days, it showed how the original players shared in a common passion for the game. We got to see how the rules and technology have changed, and most importantly, how the players of all generations have come together to preserve the game.

Overall, the “100 Year NFL” commercial was emotionally put together. It reminded me why we love football so much and why it has continued for over a hundred years and will keep being around for many more. It gave us a glimpse into the bond shared between players who share this one passion and shows how close we are when we come together for a common cause.