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who has the nfl record for longest field goal

People who follow football are aware that the record for the longest field goal in NFL history is so impressive that everyone wants to know the story behind it. Recently, I was curious who holds the NFL record for the longest field goal, so I did some research and have the inside scoop to share with you.

The amazing record belongs to Matt Prater, then of the Denver Broncos, who kicked a 64-yarder during the 2013 season. It was on December 8th of that year that Prater stepped onto the field as his team prepared to face the Tennessee Titans in a battle they would ultimately win 51-28. Amazingly, just 3 seconds before the half, Prater lined up for the kick which potentially could’ve lost the game for his team if it had failed. But it didn’t, and it created a buzz that would ultimately make Prater into an NFL legend.

If you think that’s amazing, here’s the really amazing part. Prater was apparently so confident in his ability to connect with the ball that he was actually betting with his teammate David Bruton Jr. that he could make the kick as the players entered the field. A brave wager indeed!

It was a pleasure to watch Prater as he heard the crowd erupt before his footing had even connected with the ball. 64 yards of sheer magnificence that will be remembered as a great event. Prater, without a doubt, deserved that moment of glory after the many years of hard work and dedication he put in to reach his dream of kicking the longest field goal.

It’s amazing to think that the NFL record for the longest field goal is held by someone as humble and talented as Prater. His passion and determination made that moment possible – and I’m sure many of us can relate to his drive to maximize potential.

Prater’s record-breaking kick was no fluke either. For his career he converted 131 of 176 field goal attempts and his accuracy rate for extra points was 303 of 304 attempts. The man had his sights firmly set on the record books long before the titanic kick against the Titans.

That wasn’t even the only impressive feat of his storied career. In 2014, Prater set the wholesale nfl jerseys from china single game record for touchbacks with nine. He also converted 54 consecutive PAT attempts, breaking the previous record of 46.

Prater’s success on the field as well as his humble attitude and ever-improving skills year after year have made him an absolute NFL legend and a source of inspiration for all fans of the game.

It’s hard to argue that anyone is more deserving of the record for the longest field goal than Prater. After all, the man devoted himself to the pursuit of greatness and worked selflessly to make this amazing feat possible. His confidence under pressure and ability to deliver in the moment are truly inspirational.

If you ask me, it’s no wonder that the record for cheap jerseys the longest field goal is held by someone of Prater’s caliber. His accomplishments speak volumes and his confidence is contagious. I, for one, am absolutely in awe.