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who always plays on thanksgiving nfl

Did you know that one of the greatest Thanksgiving day traditions in America is watching the National Football League games? Every year, on Thanksgiving day, fans tune in to watch their favorite teams battle it out in a classic American tradition sure to get any patriotic fan pumped up.

It’s always a big deal when the NFL plays on Thanksgiving Day – especially for football fanatics who make sure to get their friends and family together for some good football and better food. This is truly a special day where Americans from all walks of life come together to share classic traditions.

The Thanksgiving wholesale nfl jerseys games have become so popular that nearly all of the teams have their own Thanksgiving matchups every year. It doesn’t matter who’s playing, it’s always a spectacle to watch – with lots of MVPs, big plays, and epic touchdown celebrations. This is what Thanksgiving Day is all about – and is definitely one of the reasons why the holiday is so beloved.

The Dallas Cowboys have the most time slots for the Thanksgiving NFL games – they’ve been given a total of 62 games since 1966! The Detroit Lions and the Washington Redskins come in second and third, Cheap Jerseys china respectively. Other popular teams, like the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots, have also played in several Thanksgiving matchups throughout the years.

When I watch the Thanksgiving NFL games, I like to make it a real event. I usually get some friends and family over to cheer our favorite teams on. We turn it into a big game day – surrounded by good food, tasty snacks, and some of the best football money can buy. And it’s definitely the highlight of everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday!

It’s true that the thrill of watching NFL games on Thanksgiving Day has been around for a while. There’s much more to look forward to than just watching the game – it’s about getting family and friends together for an exciting and spectacular experience.

Not only is it a blast to watch the game, it’s also a great chance to catch up on old memories and bond with our family and friends over a fun pastime. Who says Thanksgiving has to be all about the turkey? NFL games are just as much of a tradition!

Can you believe it’s already that time of year again? I’m already looking forward to a big game day filled with traditional Thanksgiving cheer and football excitement. Let’s get this party started – who knows, maybe we’ll even catch a few of the Thanksgiving NFL games this year!