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which nhl defenseman has the most goals 2018

NHL hockey is full of talented Defenseman that compete for goals every season. This year, the thrills of seeing who racked up the most goals, all came down to the final days of the regular season. When all was said and done, the man with the honour of having the most goals for a defenseman in the 2018 season was none other than the Washington Capitals John Carlson.

The talented defenseman had been making strides in his scoring all season, but when his team needed him to step it up, he surely did. As the pressure mounted and the season was winding down, Carlson knocked in 15 goals in just 33 games, securing himself the lead. I must admit I was cheerin’ him on all the way up until the finish line. It was extraordinary to see him reach such an impressive milestone.

The fact that Carlson was able to stand out among the other great Defenseman in the NHL was simply incredible. Seeing players like Brent Burns, Erik Karlson, Torey Krug, and many more lined up in contention for the highest goal-scoring defenseman was a thing of beauty.

In spite of Carlson’s success, I must say that I am a bit disappointed by the fact that no other defenseman scored over 15 goals for the season. I mean, obviously I’m glad Carlson won, but it still would have been spectacular to see someone else reach an even higher goal-scoring mark.

Overall, I’m a proud supporter of Carlson and the rest of the Capitals. They have done an incredible job this season, and it’s inspiring to see Carlson, someone who worked their way up to the top, reach the peak goal-scoring mark.

4. Carlson is no stranger to success as a goal scorer and has long been regarded as one of the more lethal defensemen in the league. Initially selected by the Capitals in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, Carlson has steadily climbed up the nhl jerseys scoring ranks, eventually overtaking the long-standing record for most goals by a defenseman in a single season.

5. Carlson has achieved this feat by lugging a lot of heavy workload this season. Furthermore, he has been invaluable to his team while providing stability on the back-end throughout the year. Moreover, over the past three seasons, Carlson has been a consistent producer of points, chipping in 11 goals and 37 assists for 48 points in 2017-18, 11 goals and 36 assists for 47 points in 2016-17, and 6 goals and 25 assists for a total of 31 points in 2015-16.

6. So while Carlson may be an unlikely winner for the 2018 cheap nhl jerseys Goal-Scoring Award for the Defenseman Category, he’s actually earned his place as the top goal-scorer by putting in a lot of hard work, dedication and effort over the past several years. It just goes to show you that hard work and perseverance do pay off, and I’d like to think Carlson’s award is an inspiration to all that anything is possible if you stay the course.

7. Additionally, Carlson has the support of an incredible fan base in the Washington Capitals, who have been cheering him on all season. I could only imagine the sense of pride Caps fan must be feeling knowing that Carlson was the one who reached the top this season. It’s a great accomplishment for a player who has worked so hard for it!