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which nfl teams haven’t won the super bowl

Ah, the Super Bowl; the ultimate pinnacle of success for the NFL. The high-stakes winner-takes-all football grudge match. It’s something you know me and practically every NFL fan worldwide looks forward to. What teams have we not seen hoist the Lombardi Trophy though?

The first team that comes to mind is one of the NFL’s most storied franchises. The Cleveland Browns have been without a Super Bowl victory since their inception in 1946. Despite having some of the greatest players in the game’s history pass through their locker room and having multiple post-season appearances, they have yet to bask in the glory of a Super Bowl championship.

The Detroit Lions regularly fall victim to a similar fate. They, too, have never seen the post-season victory lap they had all hoped for. The Lions organization has gone through some tough times recently, only managing to finish above .500 once in the past 15 seasons. Obviously, this has not been conducive to the kind of success conducive to a Super Bowl victory.

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans have arguably had a bit more success in recent times, but still no Super Bowl crown between them. The Jaguars have only ever made it to the AFC Championship game once in 1999, and the Texans have yet to even make it that far.

Let’s not forget the two teams who have been the most successful, yet still hold the title, of least likely to win a Super Bowl. The Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills have not only never won a championship, they haven’t even been to a Super Bowl. The Bills made it to the NFL conference championship four times in the 90’s, only to have their dreams dashed by the Cowboys, Dolphins, and the Steve Christie kick return against the Titans. The Falcons have yet to make it beyond the divisional round.

The Carolina Panthers, former winners of the NFC Divisional championship, would possibly make the list except for Cheap Jerseys from china their sole trip to the Super Bowl in 2016 where they lost to the Denver Broncos in the fourth quarter. The Los Angeles Chargers, another team with few post-season appearances, have a single Super Bowl appearance in 1995 to their name.

These teams have been close; so very close to laying claim to a championship. Unfortunately, they’ve all come up a bit short. For now, their wait continues; could this be the year? I guess we’ll just have to wait an see.

We all know the power of a Super Bowl victory; the celebration, the bragging rights, the feeling of accomplishment and honor. Every team wishes and hopes for that trophy, that championship title. Then again, the teams on this list are not alone. There are a few other franchises, teams that have yet to make it to the Super Bowl yet.

Take the Seattle Seahawks; its been a while since they’ve won this very prestigious event. You could say they’ve been on the hunt for a few years now and have come up just a bit short. Despite having an incredible team, with players such as Russell Wilson, Jimmy Graham, and Richard Sherman, they’ve never managed to make it to the big game.

Now what about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Another team who’ve never made it to the Super Bowl. In fact, they’ve only made it to the postseason four times in their entire existence. Led by their ‘franchise player’, quarterback Jameis Winston, the Bucs seem to have their sights set on a Super Bowl return. Who knows, maybe this might be their year?

The Tennessee Titans have had their fair share of close calls too. The Titans have been embarrassingly close to a championship in the past, only to come up just short of the ultimate goal. One must admire their resilience though, as they continue to push forward in an attempt to make it to the peak of the wholesale nfl jerseys from china.

And lastly, the Cincinnati Bengals. This has been another team who have yet to make their presence felt in a Super Bowl, and one would be hard-pressed to find too many fans betting on them for a championship this year. Still, with an active coaching staff and some passionate players, don’t count them out just yet.

At the end of the day, football is one of the most unpredictable sports around. You never know what can happen; who will come out victorious. So these teams may have yet to win a Super Bowl, but who knows – they may yet surprise us all.