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which nfl teams have clinched a playoff spot

Well, its that time of year again where NFL teams are trying to get in to the playoffs. I’m sure all of my friends and fellow football fanatics can see the importance of this. Who’s ready to take on the year of the 2020 postseason?

The wholesale nfl jerseys playoffs are the ultimate measuring stick for a team’s success, so it’s no surprise that the playoff spots are highly coveted. With that in mind, I thought I’d break down which teams have already clinched a playoff spot so far.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the first team to get a guaranteed postseason berth, thanks to their run of dominance in the AFC West. The Chiefs have put together an 11-1 record so far this year, and their consistent offense, lead by Patrick Mahomes and his talented receiving core, have been a major reason for their success.

The Buffalo Bills have also clinched a spot in the playoffs. Their rebuilt offense, featuring stars like Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Cole Beasley has been shredding opposing defenses all year. The Bills have won their division for the second straight season, led by their stingy defense.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have also punched their ticket to the postseason thanks to their 8-3 record and weak division. With a strong defense and one of the best run games in the league, the Steelers are a scary opponent come playoff time.

On the NFC side, the Green Bay Packers have also clinched a spot. Aaron Rodgers and his arsenal of receivers have torched their competition this year with their high-powered offense. Rodgers still show no signs of slowing down and I believe the Packers are ready for another deep postseason run.

The Saints are another NFC team that has clinched a spot, as Drew Brees and his offense have put up points in bunches. The Saints have one of the most grizzled veterans in the NFL, which helps them stay atop the heavily contested NFC South.

The Seahawks have also booked their spot in the playoffs. With their high flying offense, lead by Russell Wilson, the Seahawks have put themselves in a great position to compete for the Lombardi trophy come January.

And finally, the N.Y. Giants have snuck into the playoffs, thanks to their .500 record and weak division. With a rising star in Daniel Jones and some great coaching, the Giants should not be taken lightly come playoff time.

Well, there you have it – those are the teams that have already clinched a spot in the NFL playoffs.


Now, let’s talk about the teams that are still fighting for postseason bids. The Cleveland Browns are the most notable, as they are in a three way tie for the lead in the AFC North. The Browns have had an up and down season, but they’ve been trending in the right direction and with their talented roster, they still have hope for the postseason.

The end for the Washington Football Team is still yet to be seen, as the NFC East is still too close to call. Washington is in the running for the division title, but they face an uphill battle against the Eagles and Cowboys. With the stellar play of rookie sensation Chase Young, Washington still has a chance to make some noise during the playoffs.

The Bears are also in the postseason mix, as they are in a tight race with the Packers for the NFC North crown. The Bears have had some issues this year, but they have an elite defense and the two-headed rushing attack of David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen still has them in the hunt.

The Bucs have a fighting chance to reach the postseason as well, as they are also in the mix for the NFC South title. Despite some struggles during the regular season, the Bucs still have one of the best rosters in the NFL, and Tom Brady and Antonio Brown will be looking to make up for lost time come the playoffs.

The Titans are an interesting case, as they are on the verge of clinching the AFC South. With Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill leading the charge, the Titans are primed to be a wildcard threat in the playoffs.

The Colts are also in the running for a playoff spot, as they are trying to win out their remaining games and overtake the Titans. The Colts struggled early on in the season, but now thanks to a healthy roster and rookie sensation Jonathan Taylor, they have a chance at postseason glory.

Finally, the Ravens are still alive in the hunt for a playoff berth. Lamar Jackson and company have had an up and down year, but still have an outside chance of making it in by winning out their remaining games.

So there we have it, those are the main teams that have a chance of clinching a playoff spot. Only time will tell who will be able to get in and make a deep run in the 2020 NFL playoffs.


Now, let’s take a look at some other teams that still have a shot at the playoffs. The Rams have had a wild ride so far this season, and with Sean McVay at the helm, they still have a chance of reaching the dance. The Rams defense has been one of the most formidable units in the league this season, and with the addition of Jalen Ramsey, they’ll be looking to cause some havoc in the playoffs.

The Cardinals have also stayed in contention for a playoff spot. Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins have become one of the most dangerous QB-WR combos in the wholesale nfl jerseys from china, and the addition of future hall of famer J.J. Watt to their defense only strengthens their case.

The Las Vegas Raiders are also right on the cusp of reaching the playoffs. Derek Carr and tight end Darren Waller have been lighting it up this year, and the addition of rookie wideout Henry Ruggs has only provided a spark. With the right breaks, the Raiders still have a chance of sneaking in to the postseason.

The Dolphins have had a bit of a resurgence this season and still have a chance of making the playoffs. Tua Tagovailoa took over the offense halfway through the season and his development has been impressive. If he can keep up his stellar play, there’s a chance the Dolphins could make a playoff run.

The Vikings are also in a dangerous spot, as one slip up could end their season. They have a strong roster, but their inconsistencies have hurt them this year. If one of the top two teams in their division slips up, the Vikings are a very real threat to overtake them and make the playoffs.

Finally, the Patriots have kept themselves in the hunt. New England got off to a slow start, but they still have one of the best defenses in the league that could carry them to some wins. Make no mistake, the Patriots are a real competitor and they still have a shot at the playoffs.

So there you have it – those are just some of the teams that still have a chance to reach the playoffs. While some are more likely than others, only time will tell who will prevail.