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where would adam fox go in 2019 nhl draft

Adam Fox – Where Would He Go in the 2019 nhl shop Draft?

When it comes to the nhl jerseys Draft, there always seems to be a lot of speculation about who will go where. I always feel like I have a pretty good gut feeling on some of the prospects, but this year I have been particularly tuned in to one specific player. That player? Adam Fox.

At this point, it’s clear to anyone who has anything to do with hockey that Fox is a top NHL prospect. He’s put up impressive numbers during his time in the NCAA, and several sources have suggested that he has the tools to become an NHL all-star in the near future. So, it had me asking: where will Adam Fox go in the 2019 NHL Draft?

If you were to ask a few of my closest friends, you’d likely get a different answer. Some believe he’ll go as high as 4th overall to the Montreal Canadiens, while others think he’ll fall as far as 10th overall to the Edmonton Oilers. As for me? I think Fox could go as early as 5th overall to the Los Angeles Kings.

The Kings need help as a franchise and have been rumored to be interested in Fox for some time. They already have a solid defensive corps, and the addition of one of the top defenseman prospects would certainly help improve their roster. Fox’s poise and smooth skating ability would give the Kings the ability to move the puck out of their own end with ease. And, the Kings have been known to sign puck-moving defensemen with first-round picks in the past who have contributed to their success.

That said, I think the Kings are wise to take Adam Fox with the fifth overall pick. His skill level combined with his ceiling should make him a cornerstone defenseman for the franchise for years to come. Plus, no one can deny that his leadership and hockey sense give him a distinct advantage over other players in the draft class.

Category:Diagrams of ice hockey jerseys - Wikimedia CommonsFox deserves to go in the top ten of the draft and would be a great fit with the Kings. We’ve already seen California colleges and teams take advantage of Fox’s skill set, so all that remains is for him to get his NHL chance. He’s already proven himself as a great player, and I have no doubt that his career in the NHL will be just as successful.