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where to watch nfl schedule release

When it comes to watching the NFL’s schedule release, there are several avenues one can take. I’m sure you’re just as excited as I am to start the upcoming season. Here’s a guide of the best places to watch the schedule release.

For starters, NFL Network traditionally airs a special edition of NFL Total Access to give the schedule release breaking news. This year, NFL Network’s coverage will begin at 8PM ET on the evening of Thursday, May 7th, with the release of the schedule. The coverage will include exclusive interviews with NFL insiders, experts and reporters providing their analysis of the schedule. If you have the NFL Network, it’s a great spot to catch the festivities.

Another great option is streaming the NFL RedZone channel and watching as the schedule is unveiled in real-time – talk about being right on the pulse of it all! If you don’t have a cable subscription, this can be a very economical way of being in the loop. 2019 will be the second full Super Bowl qualifying season where the RedZone app will be available for a reasonable cost of $35 per year, or $5 per month (paid in a lump sum).

You could also subscribe to the NFL app on your phone or gadget and receive access to NFL Network, the NFL RedZone and live coverage of events such as the NFL Draft and the Super Bowl. It’s often the go-to solution for many hardcore NFL fans. Plus, if you’re on the go this is a great way to always stay connected to the action as you won’t have to worry about location or time. As long as there’s a connection, you’ll get up-to-the-minute coverage.

Lastly, you could go old-school and partake in an old tradition: trying to get the NFL Draft lottery winners before the release of the schedule. Some people still like the element of surprise and don’t want to wait for the NFL Network’s coverage of the release. You can always try your luck at searching the web for any extra information that may come to light before the NFL Network’s coverage of the schedule. So far, it’s been a success for me but also quite a challenge; the wholesale nfl jerseys from china guards its information very carefully!

Or, if getting up to the minute coverage isn’t a huge priority, you can always watch online NFL highlights and keep an eye out for the weekly showdowns. Personally, I like to save up a few weeks and then watch the highlights; it’s a great feeling to be in the know and to have the results before most of my family and friends. This way, you can still follow the schedule release while having time to catch up in between games and look ahead to the next week’s matchup.

No matter which method you settle on, following the NFL schedule release is a great way to be part of the action and prepare for the upcoming season. Let’s enjoy it!

An additional great way to catch up on football is to listen to podcasts. Several have sprung up dedicated to NFL discussion, from team analysis, to dynasty fantasy football, recap shows, and more. Some of my favourites feature well-known personalities, providing hilarious banter and debates, and lots of entertainment. Plus, it’s easy to fit listening to a podcast into any daily routine.

Next up is watching pre- and post-game shows. These often feature expert opinion and analysis on the latest games. Fox Sports, ESPN and more offer hours of pre-game and post-game insights. Plus, you can listen or watch on the app or your TV and you can even join conversations with fellow NFL fans. These shows provide a great starting point to break down the NFL fixtures for the upcoming week or to recap the previous week’s games.

Sharing your own predictions and tips is another option. Joining a fantasy football league is an especially fun way to do that. Plus, it’s a great way to test your knowledge of players and teams and it’s almost always free! Friends, family and coworkers can all join together for some friendly competition. It’s a great way to become part of a community and stay engaged throughout the season.

One more suggestion is to join social media groups and chatrooms that are dedicated to the NFL. These days, cheap nfl jerseys fans are connected to the internet 24/7 and connect with one another to discuss and debate the latest news. You can follow team fan pages on Twitter, join Facebook groups, or look for discussion forums. There are plenty of places to interact with other pigskin lovers, with fans from all teams coming together to share predictions, their passion for football, and show their support for their teams.

So, take your pick – any way you go, you’re bound to have a great time getting ready for NFL season and it all starts with the release of the schedule. Go ahead and make some plans today – I’m sure you’ll be engaged with some activities in no time.