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when did the texans join the nfl

The history of the Texans joining the NFL is something that many people do not know. To them, wholesale jerseys the Texans have been part of the NFL for as long as anyone can remember. But there is actually a fascinating story behind the Texans joining the NFL.

It all started in the late 90s, when Houston was without an NFL team. It had not had one for a few years, after the Oilers had relocated to Tennessee in 1997. Houston had been a long-time NCAA football powerhouse, but they had never been part of the NFL. There had been talks of the NFL bringing in teams to start the expansion process, but nothing had been set in stone yet.

Then, in 1999, an announcement came that Houston was going to officially join the NFL as part of the expansion. The NFL had selected Houston as one of two new teams that were going to join the league starting in the 2002–03 season. This was a huge deal for Houston! People were ecstatic to have a team back in town.

The process of getting the team set up was a long one. Owners and investors had to be found, and then a team name had to be chosen. After much debate, it was ultimately decided that the team would be called the “Houston Texans”. As the months passed, all eyes were on Houston as they prepared for their NFL debut.

Finally, the day arrived and the Texans opened their inaugural season with a pretty impressive blowout of the Cowboys. The Texans went on to have a successful first season, making it all the way to the playoffs. It was a huge deal for both the city and the rest of the NFL. The Texans had done it: they were officially part of the NFL.

Since then, the Texans have had great success in the NFL. They have made the playoffs 11 times, the most recent being in 2020. They have also won the AFC South nine times, with their most recent title in 2019. They have also produced several Hall of Fame players and have been one of the most successful teams in the NFL since joining in 2002.

The success of the Texans has been a huge boost for the city of Houston. It’s been amazing to see how the city has become part of the on-field identity of the team. With the Texans playing such an important role in the city, it feels like they’ve been part of the NFL forever.

And that’s really the story of when the Texans joined the NFL: a growing city coming together to become part of the biggest sports league in the world. Everyone in Houston can be proud that they have a team they can call their own, and it’s been incredible to see their success in the NFL.

The Texans joining the NFL has also made for some amazing moments. One thing that stands out is their games against the Cowboys. It always feels extra special when the Texans beat the Cowboys, as if it was something they were determined to do ever since they joined the league. It’s occasions like these that make being a Texans fan so much fun.

The Texans have also been involved in a few wild endings. One of the most memorable of these was the “Lateralpalooza” in 2018, when a last-second lateral play resulted in a miraculous victory over the Bills. It was a play that shocked everyone and will forever be remembered by Texans fans.

Houston is also a place with a great sense of community and team spirit. Texans games are always full of passionate and loyal fans, and it’s a great feeling to be part of that family. It really speaks to why the Texans have been such an important part of the city since joining the NFL.

While the Texans have had a bit of a roller coaster ride since joining the NFL, their success is a testament to the strength and resilience of the city. Houston has always been a place of hard-working people and big dreams, and it’s amazing to see those dreams come true with the Texans playing in the NFL. It’s been a long and sometimes bumpy ride, but the Texans have become an integral part of the city since joining the NFL.

In the years since they joined the NFL, the Texans have had their ups and downs. They had some great years, like in 2011 and 2012 when they won AFC South titles. But then there have been some tough seasons as well, like in 2019 and 2020. Despite these tough years, the team has managed to stay afloat and the city of Houston has shown its support.

The Texans joining the NFL has also had a huge impact on football culture in Houston. With the addition of the Texans, there was suddenly a team in the city that could be cheered and supported on Sundays. And that has really changed the experience of being a fan in Houston and made it so much more enjoyable.

In short, the Texans have been part of the NFL for almost two decades, and they’ve really had a big impact on the city. Cheap Jerseys from china the amazing games they’ve played to the incredible atmosphere inside the stadium, the Texans have become an integral part of the NFL experience in Houston and beyond. It’s been an amazing journey, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the Texans!