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when did the san jose sharks join the nhl

Category:Diagrams of ice hockey jerseys - Wikimedia CommonsIt all started way back in 1990 when the NHL announced that San Jose was to be the league’s 22nd team. For a city with a population of under 1 million, this was something of a surprise – forming part of one of the biggest hockey franchises in the world. But we took it on with open arms.

People from all over the area organized watch parties, talk shows, and other events to help build hype. There were even some great old-fashioned protests trying to get enough money to purchase an arena. Businesses got involved helping the cause too, with shops and other establishments offering discounted products. Soon the Shark Tank began to sprout up from nothing.

When I first watched that first game in person – wow. I had picked up a ticket to the pre-season debut for face value, and man did it feel like a big event. You couldn’t move for people decked out in teal and black, everyone was buzzing with anticipation. The atmosphere when that first puck dropped? Out of this world.

The debut season was a rollercoaster of highs and lows – but San Jose managed to keep their heads above the .500 mark for a majority of the season, and that gave us something to cheer about. It was a great journey, and it was capped off with a trip to the playoffs – with an amazing season finale against the Calgary Flames. We lost out, but it was a comfortable 2nd half and a fantastic end to the season.

I remember the buzz in the arena every single night. San Jose’s team was being welcomed with open arms – from fans across the league. And they were doing their bit in return too – being incredibly active in the local community, making sure kids from all sorts of backgrounds had access to hockey, and attending all sorts of events.

The team has been a solid member of the NHL ever since, now going into their thirtieth anniversary of being part of the league. We’ve seen the highs, the lows, the memorable moments of awesomeness. It’s been a journey – many moments of sheer joy, and a few moments of pure heartbreak too.

Perhaps the most memorable moment was when the Sharks made it to the Stanley Cup final in 2016-17. It was such an amazing journey, and it really gave the fans the pinnacle of Hope. Even though we did not succeed, the pride felt in being part of and witnessing that journey was a sensation that I will never forget.

The team has had an incredible number of quality players over the years, from superstars like Joe Thornton and Evgeni Nabokov, to more current names on the roster like Erik Karlsson and Tomas Hertl. The new president of hockey operations is a familiar face too – Doug Wilson, the longest serving General Manager in the NHL. Former players now form part of the team’s staff, so the link between the team and the fans is even stronger than ever before.

The San Jose Sharks have been part of the NHL since 1990, and are going strong as ever. They have not only embedded themselves in the city, but in the hearts and minds of fans across the globe. I know I am extremely proud that I can say I have been part of the Sharks fan base since the very beginning.

The years since joining the cheap nhl jerseys have been filled with memories – both great and devastating. But the one thing that is for sure is that the San Jose Sharks are now part of the fabric of the city and represent something for us all to be proud of.

The San Jose Sharks have had their share of ups and downs, highs and lows, and it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions. But the thing I am most proud of, is that both the team and its fan base have been so consistent over the thirty year period of its existence.

The San Jose Sharks have attended and hosted multiple cheap nhl jerseys All Star Games, and the yearly event really shows the “shark pride” the entire city has. From the breathtaking and raucous atmosphere of the Shark Tank, to the large scale fan events held each year, the All Star weekend has become an extra special part of the San Jose Sharks.

The San Jose Sharks have also felt the pinch due to Covid-19 and the nationwide pandemic. The 2020-21 season has been a difficult one with reduced capacity in the stadium and regular breaks from play. But the team and their fans have weathered the storm together, and the promise of cheering in the stadium with full capacity once again is just around the corner – and I can’t wait for us all to roar together.

The Sharks may have joined the NHL 30 years ago, but they have never stopped evolving and providing us with an amazing spectacle week on week. The fan base continues to grow, and more people are now bearing the teal and black – and proud to shout their love for the team. The future looks just as bright as the past has been, and there is no telling just how far this amazing franchise can go.