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when did nfl switch to nike

I remember when the NFL switched to Nike back in 2012. People were naturally curious; why would one of the most popular sporting leagues surprisingly switch from the brand they had used for many years to an entirely different one? Little did we know at the time, but it was the start of a major new era in the football world.

“What’s the big deal about Nike taking over?” That was my first thought, but then I found out that the whole thing was about so much more than just new uniforms. Nike had actually set out to revolutionize the entire football experience, from playing techniques to the fan experience. It was like breathing new life into the sport, and I was excited.

At first, most people were skeptical. After all, the NFL already had a successful brand, and Nike was an unknown. But it wasn’t long before Nike’s smart innovations had everyone convinced. They had redesigned the uniform to bring new performance features to the players, and had started pushing the boundaries of fan involvement too.

No longer were people just watching the game. Now they were using the Nike app to customize their own cleats and Cheap Jerseys free shipping, and then uploading photos of them. It was amazing. Suddenly fans were claiming they had the perfect accessory to cheering on their team. Taking part in the match had never felt so good.

But it wasn’t just the player and fan experience that Nike was trying to change. They wanted to move away from the traditional, and create something unique and cutting edge. So they also set out to make all their marketing campaigns as inventive as possible. There were stunts on social media, new slogans and taglines everywhere, and even new TV commercials. It felt like Nike was suddenly everywhere, all of a sudden.

The world of the NFL was about to change in a big way. When the pre-season 2017 kickoff came around, it felt like it had been years since the switch to Nike. Everyone was talking about the new and exciting changes that had come with the brand wholesale jerseys from china and the league. It was truly the dawn of a new era, and I couldn’t wait to see what was next.

After a few weeks of the new Nike season, the fans were beginning to show their appreciation. It had been a big change, and it had taken some getting used to, however I’m sure that the design changes and advancements to the game had been worth it. Nike had taken the NFL from old to new, and it was wonderful.

The next season, everything felt just right. The uniforms were great, the stadiums felt like they were being put to good use, and the level of excitement within the league was like nothing we’d ever seen before. The Nike revolution had taken over, and no one wanted it to end. Everyone wanted to keep on living in the excitement of the new Nike-era.

Now, almost a decade after the switch to Nike, I can look back at how much the NFL has changed thanks to the brand’s innovations. It’s been a long journey, but truly it has been worthwhile — Nike has provided us with an amazing platform on which the future of the NFL can stand.