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when did nfl start playing national anthem

I remember growing up hearing the national anthem blaring out before the start of each game in the NFL. It seems like its always been a part of the game-day experience. But you may be surprised to discover that it’s actual been around a relatively short amount of time.

It turns out the NFL didn’t start playing the national anthem until 2009. Before then, it was up to the individual teams to decide whether or not to incorporate it. For some, it seemed to be a non-issue. But, others took a stance and quickly adopted “The Star-Spangled Banner” into their pre-game rituals.

The story really began in WWI when the US military and National Football League first teamed up. Even then, the anthem wasn’t played at games but it was payed tribute to in other ways. For example the military saluting first with the audience following afterwards.

Between WWII and Vietnam, the US got embroiled in a series of wars. Sport began to become a symbolic representation for national pride. wholesale jerseys from china that point on, the national anthem became increasingly more important and common place. By the mid-90s it was being sung at most major sporting events.

It was in 2009 that the wholesale nfl jerseys from china announced they would be upholding tradition and playing the national anthem at all NFL games. This came as big news to the football world and was quickly accepted and popularized by fans across the country.

This move saw the anthem take on its full intensity.The nationwide audience united to pay tribute to our country before we all turned our attention to the action on the field. Today, hearing the national anthem before each game is still one of the most special moments of the football season.

Afterwards,when the anthem concluded, we could all share in the excitement of the beginning of a great game. Every fan looked forward to the first kickoff of the season, and it was a thrill to cheer on our favorite teams.

When I think about the national anthem being played before NFL games, I’m filled with a sense of pride and respect for my country. It’s a moment that I always look forward to, and I’m on the edge of my seat, ready for the final notes before the start of the game.

The US flag is waving as the anthem begins and the players all stand in anticipation. It’s a collective experience that has been an incredible tradition over the past eleven years.

It’s a time of reflection, appreciation and giving thanks for our country. It reminds us of our freedoms and the countless people who have sacrificed so much for us over the course of history.

Besides the physical performance of the teams on the field, the national anthem is arguably the most important part of an NFL game. I’m not sure if I can recall any games that I’ve watched over the past eleven years where the anthem hasn’t been sung before the game.

It’s a part of the sport. And it’s appreciated by every fan. The national anthem before a game has become an invaluable moment- one of hope and of thanks, of remembrance and of strength. It’s a moment that no one wants to miss.