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when can nbc flex nfl games

Hey there! Have you ever heard of NBC flexing NFL games? It’s when the regular TV broadcast of an wholesale nfl jerseys from china game gets changed to a better game – one that may hold more interest for audiences or that is more meaningful to the teams or season standings. NFL teams get a name for being unpredictable so it can be hard to predict which team will have the “flexed” game on any given Sunday.

I have a hunch that NBC flexes NFL games based on several factors. First, they take into account the overall record of the teams in the game and their division standings. If two teams are consistently at the top of their division and both have good records overall, if they happen to be playing each other it could be flexed to NBC. They have also been known to flex games for marquee matchups; think Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers facing off. Games like these – and others that feature big-name players or a rebuilding team showing signs of progress – are generally an appealing proposition to networks like NBC, and will be tempted to flex them in prime slots.

I also do believe that NBC also takes the offensive/defensive power of the teams in the game into consideration. Take for example the 2019 Seahawks vs 49ers game which was flexed into the Sunday Night Football slot. The two teams had unstoppable offensive systems and top-notch defenses so broadcast executives knew this would make for some exciting football for fans to watch.

Of course, these are just my best guesses as to when NBC might flex a game but I can tell you one thing for sure: if teams are winning, NBC will take notice and flex the game! This means that if your favorite team is having a great season, or if their biggest rivals are playing, there’s a very good chance their game will be flexed to NBC.

Finally, drama also plays a part in NBC’s NFL game flex decisions. If a team has intense rivalries or star players that are taking off, the networks will recognize this and take advantage of it. For example, if Russell Wilson was leading the Seahawks to glory one season, NBC would likely flex a game late in the season to make the most of the buzz around the team.

So there you have it, my take on when NBC flexes NFL games. As an avid football fan, it’s nice to see that networks are aware of fun storylines and rivalries, as well as talented teams and players. NBC could use their flex window to highlight the best that the league has to offer, and that’s great for fans like us!

Now, let’s talk more about how NBC chooses which games to flex. It’s usually determined a few weeks in advance, with the actual decision being made on Tuesday afternoons. That way, teams, broadcasters, and fans can all properly prepare for the switch. This is especially important for when a game gets moved to the primetime Sunday Night Football slot, which can draw up to 20 million viewers. A good example of this is the recent flex from the Ravens-Steelers showdown to the Seahawks-Cardinals game.

Another way that NBC chooses which games to flex is by looking at which teams have the most loyal fanbases. Broadcasters know that if a team is expected to do well but isn’t delivering accordingly, its fan base will still be eager to tune in. This is why teams like the Patriots continue to draw viewers, even when it doesn’t seem like they should.

When NBC does choose a game to flex, they usually promote it heavily. That means billboards, TV promos, Cheap Jerseys china and social media posts. They want to make sure that even people who hadn’t been planning to watch the original game are aware and excited to tune in to the new match-up. For example, the Trailblazers vs Lakers game that was flexed earlier this year was promoted through print, radio, and television in the Portland and Los Angeles markets.

When it comes to adjusting their schedules and talent scheduling, broadcast networks like NBC have even more to consider. Teams don’t always want their primetime games to be flexed, as it can interfere with travel and other plans. And that’s why it’s important for NBC to plan for these changes well in advance. To make sure that the teams, commentators, and broadcast crews can all be in the right places at the right times.

Finally, the weather can also be a factor when it comes to flexing NFL games. If inclement weather is expected in one of the stadium locations, it can be a smart move for the network to switch to another game to avoid a potential delay. This move can leave some fans disappointed, but usually the majority of viewers find themselves in good spirits by the new matchup.

My take from all this is that NBC uses NFL flex games to create captivating matchups from the league’s most talented players and build excitement in those who already love the game. Whenever I hear that a game has been flexed, I know my Sunday Night Football viewing is sure to be exciting and that’s always a plus. What do you think?