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what was st louis seeding in nhl playoffs

I’m sure you’ve heard about the St. Louis Blues making it to the Stanley Cup Final this year. They’ve really been on a roll, and I was so excited to see them make it. So, what was St. Louis seeding in the nhl jerseys playoffs?

Well, prior to the playoffs, the Blues had earned third place in the Central Division of the Western Conference. That put them at the sixth seed out of all the teams in the Western Conference. So, St. Louis had their work cut out for them if they wanted to compete for the Stanley Cup crown.

The Blues put in a ton of hard work throughout the playoffs. They took out the Winnipeg Jets in six games to advance to the second round. Then, St. Louis faced off against the Dallas Stars and won in seven hard fought games. Finally, they took down the San Jose Sharks in six games to make it to the Stanley Cup Final.

The journey wasn’t easy for the Blues, but they showed what grit and determination can do. They battled, they persevered, and they made it to the Final. It’s not every day that a team with the sixth seed makes it to the championship, so the whole city of St. Louis was buzzing.

Hockey jerseys | We found these painted on a fence, in front\u2026 | FlickrI’m sure you can understand the excitement that St. Louis was feeling, so it only made the Final that much more exciting to watch. Even though the Blues lost in game seven of the Final, they made an amazing run and gave their city something special to cheer for.

So, what had made St. Louis seeding in the nhl jerseys playoffs? The answer is that they had earned the sixth seed in the Western Conference, and they put together an amazing run to make it to the Stanley Cup Final. As a fan of the Blues, I feel lucky to have had the chance to see such a remarkable team.