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what time is nfl draft on thursday

It’s that time of year again. The NFL Draft is right around the corner and this year it’s being held on Thursday April 23. I’m usually glued to the TV during the draft, but I have to say, this year is a bit different. I’m feeling extra excited and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Everyone knows that the draft can be a roller-coaster ride. Players who are expected to go high in the draft can end up dropping, and unexciting players can end up becoming stars. That’s one of the things that makes the draft so fun, you never quite know what’s going to happen.

I’m also looking forward to hearing who the top picks will be. It’s always interesting to see which teams take a chance on which players, especially those coming from smaller colleges or who might have had a less than stellar college career. Those players can end up being huge surprises and become key players in their team’s success.

But of course, what everyone really wants to know is what time is the NFL draft on Thursday? Luckily, it’s just like any other televised sports event, it’s going to be at the same time it is every year, 8 pm EST. So, 7 pm CST and 7 pm MST. That should give everyone enough time to get together with friends and family to watch the draft unfold.

Now, that’s not to say that everyone is going to be watching the draft. Some people just don’t have an interest in it and that’s totally understandable. It’s not for everyone. But for those of us who do want to watch, it’s always interesting and exciting to see what happens.

What’s more, the NFL Draft is always changing. Each year, teams come up with different strategies on who they pick, and it’s something that never gets old. It’s also always interesting to see which team gets the best talents, and who the biggest surprise of the draft is going to be.

The draft can really be unpredictable. You might think that one team has everything all figured out, then you blink and the next thing you know, another team comes out of nowhere and takes a player you weren’t expecting. It just goes to show that no matter what, you just never know what to expect.

Every draft season also brings a lot of speculation and predictions. It’s always fun to throw around ideas with friends and family about who is going to be taken in the first round, or which team might make a smart pick.

No matter what, I’m definitely looking forward to this year’s NFL draft. It’s always a fun time, and to see who the teams will pick and who will make an impact on the game is sure to be exciting. Plus, I know it’s going to be an awesome night, because what time is the NFL Draft on? 8 pm EST, 7 pm CST and 7 pm MST, of course!

Next up is the NFL Draft Combine. This event is held annually in Indianapolis and provides an opportunity for college players to showcase their skills and talents to the league and the teams. Teams are able to watch players compete and evaluate them in person in drills and other testing.

The NFL Draft Combine is also an interesting time for draft pundits and fans alike. This is the place where rumors and speculation can turn into reality, and it can be a really interesting time in the world of football. It’s also a great time to see what kind of talent is out there for the upcoming draft.

The NFL Draft Combine is followed by the NFL Pro Days. This is a similar event but held at each individual school. During the Pro Days, teams will come in and watch players participate in drills and other testing. This is a great opportunity to get a real-life look at players in person and see how they measure up against the competition.

The NFL Draft will also take fans on an emotional journey as each player finally realizes their dream of reaching the NFL. It’s a special moment for them and their families and it’s something that really highlights what the NFL is all about.

One of the most exciting aspects of the NFL Draft is actually coming out for the Draft Day itself. This year’s draft will be taking place in Cleveland, Ohio, and it’s sure to be a great event. Fans and players alike will be there to witness the first round and all the excitement and emotion that comes with it.

Now, the big question is, who will your team pick in the first round? That’s the million dollar question that nobody knows until the night of the draft, and it’s sure to be filled with anticipation and excitement.

When the NFL Draft Is Coming To Your Beauty Corner

As a woman, you’ll be feeling the excitement building in the weeks and days leading up to the NFL Draft. Everywhere you go, all the talk is about players, picks, and team strategies so that the excitement spills over into your beauty corner and the products you’re using to stay selfie and Zoom ready.

When the NFL Draft arrives, so do the new collections and limited-edition products that change the look and feel of your beauty corner and put some extra sparkle in your game day routine. With skincare and cosmetics inspired by the players and teams, you get to join in the fun and build an ideal look to wear throughout the season.

If you’re eager to add some glamour to your nfl Jerseys Draft night, cheap jerseys take a cue from the players and stay shiny and fresh. Get your face ready with the right sebum-balancing toners and retinols and give your green team spirit a boost with a peachy cream blush boasting that same eye-catching color.

No beauty corner is complete without some NFL-themed glittery mani polish. If you’d rather go bold and express those team loyalties on your fingertips, you’ll find plenty of options, from bright blue in honor of the New England Patriots to lush dark brown for the Los Angeles Rams.

Don’t forget your feet. Show off your knowledge of the best players and boost your own style with some in-trend sandals or dress shoes that come with the colors of your favorite teams.

When the team that you’ve been rooting for makes a great pick during the NFL Draft, give yourself the royal treatment. Celebrate with a facial sculpting mask that adds protein and moisture into your skin and refreshes your appearance.

Pampering yourself with NFL-themed skincare to match your team colors is a great way to get involved in the fun of Draft night without even leaving your beauty corner. Reach for products featuring the colors and logos of your favorite teams. Add some of these to your beauty corner and you’ll be cheering for the perfect finish on every game day.

Just like you’d do for any other game, build your own style oasis in your beauty corner and get ready to enjoy NFL Draft night in comfort and luxury. It’s a fun way to pay tribute to your favorite team and spend quality time focused on you.

Now that you know when the NFL Draft is on and what you’ll be able to do to get excited, the possibilities are endless. How are you going to prepare your beauty corner for that exciting night? Which colors and products will you add to your collection? What other fun activities are you going to do to celebrate the big day? Pass the popcorn and let the fun begin!