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what time do nfl games start on sunday

men\u0026#39;s white and blue crew neck t shirt blue shorts blue shin guards and green soccer cleats ...‘Hey there, so you asked me what time do NFL games start on Sunday? Let me tell you that nfl Jerseys games are the best way to spend your Sunday afternoons. There’s no better combination than the combination of football and friends.

I absolutely love the energy that fills the air when the NFL games start. It’s just electric. When I hear that first kick off, I get butterflies in my stomach. It’s pure adrenaline. There’s nothing quite like it.

But back to your original question – when do these games start? Well, that depends on which type of game it is. The start times for prime-time games, such as the Sunday Night Football game, can vary. But usually the standard NFL games start at 1pm, 4pm, and 8:20pm ET on Sunday afternoon.

These times can change depending on the day, as some weeks may have Thursday night and Monday night games, both of which will have different starting times. But regardless of the day, the standard Sunday games start at those times.

I’ve also noticed that the start times for NFL games are changing all the time. It used to be that the 1pm, 4pm, 8:20pm start times were the same every week, but now there can even be 3 or 4 different start times within the same week.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of NFL games. I love the game, the excitement, the atmosphere and the energy that comes with it. That’s why I absolutely make sure to always check the start times for Cheap Jerseys free shipping the week’s NFL games, so I don’t miss a single one!

It’s amazing to see how far the NFL has come. Not too long ago, Sunday morning was devoted to watching the cartoon shows you grew up with. Nowadays, Sunday mornings mean sitting in your living room armed with snacks, a cold beverage, and plenty of enthusiasm, as you set your watch to when the game will begin.

It’s hard to believe I went from watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid to being all geared up for a football game. It goes to show that you can participate in the same activities at any age – you just have to be willing to take a few risks and get excited about the new possibilities.

It’s also intriguing to see what teams will battle it out and how it all unfolds. Not to mention, nothing beats the incomparable energy that fills the air as the NFL games kick off on Sunday. I stay glued to my TV every Sunday afternoon, waiting for the action to begin.’