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what scores have never happened in the nfl

Oh man, when it comes to talking about what NFL scores have never happened it can be a complicated discussion. First off, I’m talking about those crazy scores that have never happened in the league. Some of the scores I’m thinking about are lofty and downright fantasy like. A score like 18-17 or 33-30 is more realistic. But what about scores that have never even been considered? Scores like 82-0 or 69-47?

I was talking with my pals about these types of wild scores one day and we were wondering… is there really such a thing? We weren’t sure if these scores ever had even been thought of or seen in the wholesale nfl jerseys. I was particularly curious about a super high score. Have any teams ever logged a score of more than 100 points? I know some teams have scored 80, 90+ points in a game, but I wanted to know if any team had ever gone to the triple digits.

Turns out there’s never been a single score higher than 100 in NFL history. Though there have been some crazy scores like the 85 points the Detroit Lions scored in 1923, no one has hit the hundred point mark. A hundred seems impossible to me, even with a standout performance. Offense can do all it wants, wholesale jerseys from china but even the great Tom Brady could not take a team to that century mark.

Another odd score that I’ve come across—one that has no record of occurrence—would be a score of 0-0. We all know that a tie can happen, but what about a scoreless game? With all the rule changes and new defensive strategies that have been put in place it seems like it would be impossible for a 0-0 score to happen in today’s day and age. You might think a scoreless game could have happened many moons ago when defense was just being established by teams, but it turns out that a 0-0 score has still not been seen in the history of the NFL. Wow, that’s wild!

The next mission was to try to figure out was if there was even higher score than a zero that has never been done. Could there be a score of -1 that has never happened before? According to our looking, we couldn’t find any credible evidence to support a score of -1 ever having happened. The closest that teams have gotten to negative scores was when the Chicago Cardinals turned the ball over 7 times in 1921, resulting in a score of 48-0 in the loss.

The craziest part about all this is that there have been scores that have NEVER been achieved in the history of the NFL. Just that alone is so impressive to me and it shows that no matter how much the NFL evolves, nothing is ever a given with these talented teams that have graced the field. It’s a sign that every team can shock us with something unexpected when we least expect it. That’s why I love watching the NFL, you never know what you may be witnesses to on any given Sunday.