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what percent of the nhl is black 2020

As my friend, you’re probably asking the same question I was asking myself a few weeks ago: what percent of the NHL is black in 2020? Well, after doing a bit of research, I think I’ve got an answer for us.

It turns out that 6.8% of players in the NHL are black this season. That number might be low to some people, but it’s a dramatic improvement from the 2.1% of black players who were in the league when the first Afro-Canadian player joined the NHL in 1958. The nhl shop is more diverse now than ever before, in terms of racial, socioeconomic, and geographical backgrounds.

There have been some major steps taken to increase racial diversity in the nhl jerseys over the past few decades, such as the implementation of the Hockey is for Everyone initiative launched by the NHL in 2006. This initiative provided greater access to ice hockey equipment, training, league memberships and other supports for players that were previously underrepresented in the NHL.

This initiative has made a huge difference in the diversity of the NHL, as it has opened up opportunities for black players to play the sport at a higher level. Hockey is no longer just a sport played by white Canadians, but is instead being embraced by players of all backgrounds.

This increased racial diversity has also been helped by the success of a few particular black players in the NHL. P.K. Subban, Evander Kane, and Wayne Simmonds have all been outspoken advocates for increasing diversity in the league, and with their success in the NHL, they have been able to motivate other young black hockey players to reach for their dreams.

Furthermore, racial diversity is slowly becoming more accepted throughout the NHL. Many teams have introduced cultural awareness days that celebrate different cultures and encourage inclusivity. This has raised the public’s awareness of cultural diversity in the NHL and has created a more comfortable atmosphere for players of different backgrounds.

Overall, the NHL is moving in the right direction in terms of racial diversity. The implementation of the Hockey is for Everyone initiative and the success of individual players have been instrumental in bringing greater diversity into the sport. The NHL has come a long way since the days when it was dominated by white players, and I have high hopes that the trend of increasing racial diversity will continue in the years to come.