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what nfl wide receiver are you

Wow, this is like the ultimate test of what type of NFL wide receiver I am. It’s like playing a game, but instead of Madden nfl Jerseys, it’s a game of myself. Anyways, I guess I’m the kind of receiver that loves to run a lot of routes and can be counted on to get open no matter what the defense throws my way. I’m always the guy the quarterback looks for Cheap Jerseys china on third down.

I’m definitely not shy on the field. I’m the one who’s always talking smack to the defense, and maybe help motivate the guys around me. What can I say, I’m a bit of an extrovert when it comes to the game. The intensity of the competition is my fuel, and it’s why I’m an asset to any offense I’m a part of.

I’m the type of receiver the defense doesn’t want to let get behind them. When the deep ball is thrown in my direction, I’m the one going up and snatching it out of the sky like my life depends on it. Pass interference on me? It’s like the defense is asking for 7 points no matter what.

I also take a lot of pride in my route running, and I always perform like my livelihood depends on it. That’s why I’m confident in my ability to win one-on-one matchups, no matter who the cornerback is. I’m well versed in my route tree, and I’m able to exploit almost any coverage the defense throws my way.

Not to mention, I have strong hands and can catch just about anything thrown my way. I’m rarely dropping balls and, when I do, I can bounce back and make the next catch.

I pride myself on being a complete receiver, one that can do whatever a great offense needs him to do. I’m certainly not the biggest or the fastest receiver, but my work ethic and competitive drive make me a valuable player.

2 years agoI’m that kind of receiver where I just want to play the game and let my talent and drive do the talking for me. I don’t worry about the stats or accolades, I just want to win games and make plays.