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what nfl teams has pete carroll coached

Wow, Pete Carroll has been coaching in the NFL for almost 30 years now! It’s honestly crazy to think about and I can’t help but feel so proud of him for still remaining relevant in the football world. So, what NFL teams has Pete Carroll coached? Well, here is my rundown…

Back in the 90s, Pete Carroll coached the New York Jets for Cheap Jerseys china one season in 1994. It was his first head coaching job in the NFL and it certainly wasn’t a memorable one as the Jets only managed three wins and 13 losses under his management. Still, it was his first head coaching experience in the NFL and I think that was important for his career’s future.

After the Jets, he went on to become the head coach of the New England Patriots from 1997 to 1999, where he had a bit more success than he did in New York. His 1998 season with the Patriots was his best season ever in the NFL, where he lead the team to 10-6 record. Although it wasn’t enough to get the Patriots to the playoffs that year, he still managed to end his tenure with the Patriots on a positive note.

Relocating across the country, Pete Carroll became the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks from 2010 to 2016. This career move undoubtedly turned out to be his most successful one yet. His very first season with the Seahawks was one of the best ever in the team’s history, winning the NFC West Division and leading the Seahawks all the way to Super Bowl XLVIII. This was only the beginning for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks as they went on to have a very successful streak of winning seasons and even made another Super Bowl appearance in 2013.

From 2017 to present, Pete Carroll is now the head coach of the USC Trojans football program, which I think is where his career really picked up speed and established his legacy. In his first season as head coach, the Trojans had an impressive 11-2 record which landed them an invitation to the Rose Bowl game. He didn’t just stop there though, as the Trojans also made it to the Cotton Bowl Classic in 2018 and the Holiday Bowl in 2019.

At the end of this day, Pete Carroll’s “NFL teams coached” resume includes the Jets, the Patriots, the Seahawks, and now the Trojans. Looking at the record books, he is one of the most successful NFL coaches ever and he deserves every bit of recognition he gets.

And speaking of winning, I remember back when Pete Carroll made his first post season as head coach of the New England Patriots in the 1998 season. We thought that we had a chance at making the Superbowl that year, but unfortunately the Patriots fell short to the Jaguars in the divisional round. Despite the loss, it was still a pretty amazing experience to see Pete Carroll leading our team all the way to the playoffs and I’m sure he felt great about it too.

I also remember the intense tension in the stadium when the Seahawks and the Broncos battled it out in Super Bowl XLVIII. At this point everyone knew that with Pete Carroll at the helm, the Seahawks had a real shot at becoming Super Bowl champions. In the end, Pete Carroll and the Seahawks won the big game that year and it was without a doubt one of the most thrilling Super Bowl games ever.

Even now, as Pete Carroll continues to coach with the Trojans, you can still feel his influence wholesale jerseys from china his past NFL teams. He brings a unique mix of style and intensity to coaching, and his Trojans teams definitely reflect this. His success has been long-lasting and inspiring, and I’m sure it will continue to inspire future NFL coaches for years to come.

It seems like every time I think about Pete Carroll’s NFL teams coached, I’m in awe of how amazing he has done in his career. He has managed to last for so long in a continuously evolving football world and that’s really impressive. His success with each team has grown and developed, and I could honestly talk about it all day long!