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what nfl team has orange uniforms

It’s definitely a debate who’s got the coolest cheap nfl jerseys uniform, but when it comes to bright colors, that orange gets me every time! It always stands out, and quite frankly, some teams look down right outstanding in it. Whenever I see an orange uniform, I instantly think of one team in particular. The Jacksonville Jaguars! It’s like we were made for one another; the bright orange, and that sleek black. So, when I heard they wanted to make their new uniform look just like the original, I was ecstatic!

When I think of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ orange uniforms, their new logo just pops in my mind. That Jaguars head logo is so iconic and really ties in with that orange. It’s like the two were made to be together, just like the peanut butter and jelly. On top of that, they’ve added such subtle details like the gold strip on the numbers and the logo being gradient black to gray. It’s such a modern look but still manages to keep that original feel, it’s simply beautiful.

Going a little further, if you even stand a little further back, you can watch the Jacksonville Jaguars team take the field and you can see them almost glowing in all that orange- like they each carry the setting sun on their back. It’s such an amazing sight, aside from the talent they bring, you can see why they made this the home uniform they want to represent. It’s ridiculously stylish!

The orange also pops so wonderfully in that team’s colour scheme, especially when they played Auburn and Tennessee. It becomes a battle of who can bring the most school spirit, and you can be sure the Jaguars had it in spades. Then, when they got to conference play, they really deserve recognition as it was like a beacon in the night. It was such a feeling of pride when a team came on wearing this uniform.

And then, to top it all off, you have the team entering the camp and ringing that orange bell that really ties it all together! I find myself simply in awe when I watched them do that. It’s like that moment when the fans cheer as the mascot on the sideline does that whole ring the bell ritual, you’re just applauding in awe.

Now when it comes down to it, the Jacksonville Jaguars and their orange uniform are truly an amazing sight to see. There’s really no other uniform that’s so iconic and eye catching. Not to mention, cheap jerseys when it comes to the rest of the teams, it’s really a special sight to see them all in their original jersey’s, telling Florida proudly, “Here we come!”. Personally, I don’t think any team can truly beat how magnificent the Jaguars looks and feels when they break out the orange.