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what nfl team did kevin belton play for

When I think of Kevin Belton, my mind gravitates towards football – more specifically, the NFL. You see, Kevin Belton is a former NFL player, and he had a great football career during his time. But, which NFL team did he play for? Believe it or not, he’s somewhat of a journeyman.

I remember hearing about Kevin Belton during my freshman year of high school. His story was quite remarkable. The guy was undrafted out of college, but he really showed off his talents in the pre-season. It wasn’t until the middle of the season when teams finally noticed his impressive plays and picked him up.

The first NFL team Kevin Belton played for was the Houston Texans. He played for the roster for three years from 2002 to 2005, appearing in twenty-six games and making more than ninety tackles. He was an immediate contributor, but it wasn’t until his second year when he really started to shine. He received consistent playing time and even started three games.

After those three years, Kevin Belton signed a free-agent contract with the Oakland Raiders. There, he made seven appearances in the 2007 season, mainly contributing on special teams. In addition to that, he also recorded twelve tackles.

Once his one-year deal with the Raiders was up, Kevin Belton decided to test out his value in the market. After days of negotiation he inked a one-year deal with the Carolina Panthers. He made the Panthers’ active roster, but only played in one game. Nonetheless, it was a great experience for him.

When his one-year contract with the Panthers came to an end, Kevin Belton became a free-agent. Teams weren’t really interested in his services and he signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. He played there for one season before a nagging injury forced him to hang up his cleats.

That injury marked the end of Kevin Belton’s football career and wholesale jerseys he went on to pursue a career in coaching. Although his cheap nfl jerseys journeyman career is sometimes overlooked, I have a great amount of respect for him and his accomplishments.