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what nfl position are you

Hello friend, did you know that everyone has a perfect wholesale nfl jerseys position? I guess you didn’t. Well I’m here to tell you that based on our personality, habits, talents and weaknesses, all of us could fit into an NFL role.

When I was a kid, I used to watch games on television and dream of being a wide receiver. I fantasized about scoring winning touchdowns and celebrating with my team. It wasn’t until I grew up that I realized wide receivers rely heavily on speed and agility, two qualities that I didn’t possess.

But then I started to think, what am I good at? As it turns out, I’ve got the brains for the game. I figured I could be a quarterback or a center, but then I realized that I had incredible hand-eye coordination and a great sense of strategy. So, after crunching the numbers, it became clear to me that the linebacker position was perfect for me.

Now that I’ve realized the perfect match for my personality and skills, I can’t help but think about what position fits the people around me. My friend Steve is a real hulk. With his height and strength, he would be an amazing defensive tackle. As for my sister, she is a real wiz when it comes to numbers. She could easily be a quarterback or a coach.

What about you? Have you ever stopped to think about what position you would be suited for? Sure, Cheap Jerseys china you can look at some online quizzes, but I think it can be fun to actually sit down and think about the qualities and talents that you possess. Once you have zeroed in on them, you can easily identify the perfect NFL position for you.

Take, for example, my sister’s boyfriend, Tom. He has always been an amazing leader. Every time he is playing sports, he is the go-to person for organizing plays and giving instructions. After considering these qualities, it was a no brainer for Tom to become the middle linebacker on the team.

Without a doubt, figuring out what position you would be perfect for in the NFL is a big decision. But, it’s also a very empowering experience. What better way to determine what your future career path should be or at what sport you should specialize than by looking at your strengths and weaknesses?

The same process could also apply to choosing a profession. Say, you want to be a doctor. Think about which qualities you possess that could be useful for the medical field. Do you have an excellent bedside manner? Are you good with the hard sciences? It may seem complicated but it’s really just a matter of putting two and two together.

So, if you haven’t taken the time to figure out what your perfect NFL position would be — you should! Who knows, maybe you’ll find that you’re the perfect quarterback, or the perfect receiver. And don’t forget, the same criteria used to determine your position in the NFL can be applied to discovering your ideal career path too.