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what nfl market am i in

I mean, what NFL market am I in? It’s a loaded question. Okay, I’m a long-time fan of football. In my house, it was an undying tradition to watch the Sunday night game, regardless of who was playing. You can imagine the pure joy I felt when I was old enough and had the resources to go to an NFL game. For me, it was like entering into a new era – one that would encompass my adult life as a true fan of the sport.

I made the decision to locate myself in one specific market instead of consuming them all. Now the question is: What market did I pick? Am I an AFC or NFC team fan? Well, that all depends. My heart is set on the AFC East. There’s something about the teams that call this division home that just gets my blood pumping. Granted, it wasn’t easy for me to choose just one, but the New England Patriots were top of the list.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m an avid fan of all the teams in the AFC East. I mean, how could you not be a fan of Tom Brady? He was the greatest quarterback to ever grace the football field, in my opinion. But there’s more to the Pats than just Brady. It’s hard to explain, but there’s something special about the way they play, the atmosphere in the stadium, and the lure of Foxboro that make me a loyal follower.

I know it’s popular to cringe when people mention Bill Belichick, but the truth is, he’s a heck of a coach, and winning many Super Bowls probably has something to do with the draw of the Patriots. I’ve had the privilege of seeing them play several times and, call me a fan girl, but every time I go, I find something new to appreciate.

It’s not all about the Patriots either, though. The Buffalo Bills have been gaining momentum over the past few years. The amount of talent they have on the offense is phenomenal – who can forget that iconic run by Josh Allen against the Houston Texans? And the Miami Dolphins? They’ve been putting up a fight with their strong defense lately. Most of all, I’m excited about the Jacksonville Jaguars – it’s hard not to be when their average points-per-game averages 32.3.

There are so many great things to love about the AFC East. The competition is intense, the rivalries are deep, and the excitement is tangible. It’s also the division I’ve chosen to be loyal to, and I’m not going to switch any time soon. Even if I lose interest in football in the future, I know that the AFC East will always be my go-to market.

I think the combination of the great coaching, amazing players, dynasties, rivalries, and stadium atmospheres make the AFC East a great market for fans. It’s great to have more than one team to root for at anytime, and it’s a bonus that I can go to a game in my own backyard.

Call me biased, wholesale nfl jerseys from china but I personally think whether it’s the Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, or Jaguars, there are tons of great players and storylines that it’s hard not to become a fan. Though some teams may have had rougher years in the past, I’m confident that every single one of them will rise to the challenge eventually and make sure the AFC East remains a revered division that draws in plenty of fans.

I haven’t even touched upon the off-field antics that draw in tons of attention for the division. There are lots of stories about team owners, players, wholesale jerseys and even coaches all wrapped up in some juicy news. It’s all part of the AFC East charm and I find it hard to not stay in the loop with some of the rivalries.

The last thing I love about the AFC East is the culture that comes with being an AFC East fan. It’s more than just being a fan of one team – it’s about being a fan of the whole division. When I talk to other AFC East fans, I feel like we’re all part of the same family, sharing the same pride and loyalty to the division.

Being an AFC East fan means that you not only support your team, but you cheer for the division as a whole. It’s easy to feel attached to the division, as well as the teams, the players, and the culture. I’m sure if you’re an AFC East fan, you know exactly what I mean.