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what nfl legend never got a super bowl ring

A lot of people think of the NFL as something that only produces champions but the truth is, a lot of great players have never gotten the chance to touch a Super Bowl ring. One of these great legends isRandy Moss.

Moss had such a strong career in college at Marshall and was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1998. Everyone expected that Moss would be one of the greats but what everyone didn’t realize is that he would never get the chance to capture ring.

Moss was one of the most electric players on the field. He was a true deep threat and could take the ball to the house any time he touched. He could catch a pass 30 yards down field, make four defenders miss, and wholesale jerseys run the rest of the way for a score. It felt like every time he touched the ball, a special moment happened.

It was so unfortunate that despite all his greatness, Moss never made it to the Super Bowl. He was an all pro selection seven times in his cheap nfl jerseys career and set more receiving touchdowns in a single season then any other player at the time.

Moss was a true showman when it came to putting on performances. He electrified the crowd, made plays that made you shake your head; he was a dangerous field weapon. It was hard to believe, despite all of that talent, he would have to wait so long to be a part of a Super Bowl team.

When it comes to being a true great, Moss is the real deal. His Hall of Fame career with over 15,000 receiving yards, 156 touchdowns and 134 career touchdowns will always be remembered. None of that adds up to a Super Bowl title though, and that is the biggest tragedy of all.

It’s unbelievable, that such an amazing player like Moss never really got the chance to play in a Super Bowl. Moss had everything necessary to get to that stage, and yet he never did. Even with his career in New England, that season ended in the AFC Championship, falling just one game shy of a Lombardi Trophy.

I have to say, it still sticks in my craw that Moss never made it to the Super Bowl. We’ll never truly know how far he would have gone if he had been given the chance. Yet, all one needs to do is look back at his amazing career to know that he was one of the greatest players to ever play the game, and he should always be remembered as such.