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what is the smallest city with an nfl team

Recently, I’ve been wondering: what is the smallest city with an NFL team? It’s not a question that often comes to mind when you think of all the massive metropolises that boast professional teams – I mean, there are teams playing in NYC, Chicago, LA, and Dallas, so naturally, one is going to assume the small towns don’t get a shot.

I was beyond surprised to learn that Green Bay, Wisconsin is home to one of the 32 NFL teams! With a population of only 103,937 people, it’s the smallest city to have an wholesale nfl jerseys team. In fact, Green Bay is the only community-owned team in the US sports league. That’s pretty crazy, when you consider how massive the other teams’ fanbases are.

The team’s official name is The Green Bay Packers, and they’ve been around since 1919! It was founded by a group of meatpacking workers and later went on to win Super Bowls I and II. The Packers have been making history ever since. The stadium they play in, Lambeau Field, holds 81,441 people, and each game is almost always sold out.

Having a winning team like the Packers has put Green Bay on the map for being more than a sleepy, Midwestern hamlet. And I’m not surprised – the passion that this small city has for its team is out of this world! Everyone from children to retirees are devoted fans for life.

Truthfully, I had no clue that such a small city held such an impressive legacy for an NFL team. It’s really quite inspiring. So, the next time you think there’s no way a small town can find success in the NFL, just remember the awesome legacy of the Green Bay Packers!

To my surprise, Jacksonville, Florida is the second smallest city with an NFL team. This city, with population of 880,619 people, gained its team, called the Jaguars, in 1995. The Jaguars, more commonly known as The Jags, play in Everbank Field, which holds 67,375 people. Unlike the Packers, The Jags have yet to see a Super Bowl but have made it as far as their first championship appearance in 2017-2018.

Unlike the Packers, the Jaguars has not been such a success in its former years, however, the recent popularity in their hometown of Jacksonville has been steadily increasing within the past years. Jaguars have seen an increase in season tickets sold in 2019, and even some fans around the world. This small city of Jacksonville, Florida is just starting to make their mark in the NFL.

The city of New Orleans may not be that small with 390,174 population, but still it holds the third smallest NFL team. The New Orleans Saints, commonly known as The Saints, have been around since 1967. They have one Super Bowl championship win under their belt, and they play in Mercedes–Benz Superdome, which holds 73,208 people.

The Saints have been a staple of the city, bringing in fans from all around the world. But it’s not just for their ability to win; the Saints have also become an important part of New Orleans’ culture. And cheap jerseys it shows – Saints paraphernalia is everywhere, in stores, restaurants, bars, and homes.

The NFL is always thought of as a league for big cities, but these three small cities have shown us that’s not always the case. Green Bay, Jacksonville, and New Orleans have proven that any city, no matter the size, has the potential to make an impact on the NFL. It just goes to show, size doesn’t matter when it comes to winning football games!