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what is the longest extra point in nfl history

When it comes to the NFL, one question I always hear is what is the longest extra point in wholesale nfl jerseys from china history? Well, the answer may surprise you.

First of all, it’s important to understand what an extra point is. In football, after a team scores a touchdown, they have the option of kicking a field goal for an additional one point. This point is known as an extra point, and to do it, a kicker can boot the ball from a specific distance.

That specific distance? Try 65 yards. That’s right, the longest extra point in NFL history was kicked from a whopping 65 yards out.

Wait, that’s not the craziest part. This incredible feat was accomplished by Morten Andersen, a former NFL kicker. On November 11, 2012, the New Orleans Saints were going up against the Oakland Raiders.

With a few seconds left in the fourth quarter, the score was tied at forty-five to forty-five. It was during this point that Morten Andersen lined up and attempted a record-breaking extra point from 65 yards.

And guess what? He nailed it! It was a magical moment in NFL history and all the coaches, players, and fans cheered as the kick sailed through the uprights for the extra point.

It was an incredible moment and everyone watching will remember Morten Andersen for his remarkable feat. Since that moment, the distance for an extra point has been moved from fifteen yards from the line of scrimmage to seventeen yards, making it a little harder to make it.

Wow! That’s an incredible story and it goes to show why the NFL is such an exciting sport. If you ever find yourself wondering what the longest extra point in NFL history was, now you know.

However, that was not the only surprising fact about this extra point. The fact that Andersen was able to make it from 65 yards was a feat in itself. It takes strength and accuracy to make such a powerful kick and it goes to shows how talented Andersen is as a kicker.

Further, for such a long kick to be successful, the wind conditions must be nearly perfect. It’s not that easy to make a kick Cheap Jerseys from china 65 yards, and even harder when you factor in the weather conditions at the time.

It’s for this reason that this extra point is so remarkable and will remain one of the best and longest kicks in NFL history.wholesale dodgers jerseys Nike Kristaps Porzingis New York Knicks Icon Edition Boys NBA Jersey ...