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what happened to the houston oilers nfl team

When I think of the Houston Oilers, emotions stir inside me. You see, I was a big fan back in the day and my family would go to all the games. The team was a joy to watch. They were so full of hustle and enthusiasm and the fans were wild and loyal. We always felt like a team, proud to be Texans.

It was devastating to hear the news that the Houston Oilers were leaving. Just like that, they were gone. Though I tried to stay positive and think about all of the great memories we had together, it was hard to accept at first. The Houston Oilers had my heart; it was difficult to see them go.

Three women playing basketball | PikrepoI’m sure many of the other fans felt the same way. For many of us, cheap jerseys the Houston Oilers were like family. They had been around for so long, coming to our town in 1959 and playing their last game in 1996. It’s impossible to forget the energy and excitement of the games – especially those that were televised nationally. We were all sooo proud of our team!

Unfortunately, the Houston Oilers had become too expensive for the city to sustain. Oil prices had fallen drastically and the city was hurting. So, owner Bud Adams had to make the hard choice to move the team to Tennessee where fans were willing to pay the price – literally.

It was confusing and heartbreaking, but at least the Houston Oilers were given a chance to win a Superbowl title. The team changed its name to the Tennessee Titans in 1999 and went on to win a Super Bowl in 2000 – it was the first Super Bowl title for the franchise. Although some fans were unhappy about the move, I think it forged a special bond between Texan and Tennessee fans – we all felt like one big, Cheap Jerseys free shipping happy family in the end!

But I’ll always remember what the Houston Oilers did for me. They gave me a team to cheer for, bringing a sense of pride and ownership to a small city that had never seen anything like it. I was lucky to have grown up watching those games and cheering for my team. It was a remarkable season and one that I’ll never forget.