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what does choose love mean nfl

Choose Love in the NFL? Well that’s a really great question. I’ve been an NFL fan since I was a kid and have seen some of the most incredible successes and heart-wrenching failures in my lifetime. But one thing that stands out to me more than anything else in the NFL is the idea of Choose Love.

Choose Love has been a concept throughout the league for many years now, with great players like Ray Lewis and Drew Brees making sure it was a part of their team’s mentality. At it’s core, it’s about making sure you treat everyone with respect and that, no matter what, you have their best interests at heart. It also means that teammates come together and understand that it’s not solely about themselves, but about the entire team as a whole.

It’s easy to get caught up in the culture of winning in the NFL – and, don’t get me wrong, winning is important – but if you’re not choosing love you’re never going to have a successful team. Football is a team sport and if one person is not working together with the others, it’s not a team anymore. If each person takes the time to actually care about their teammates, to listen to their concerns, and to just fair and square treat each other with kindness, then that true team dynamic is going to form.

The amount of love that can be found on the field of an NFL team is beyond measure. Those players are family, they spend countless hours together, practice together, and fight through tough losses together. That true brotherhood is something that can only be created through Choose Love. And when everyone on the team is living that mentality, the amount of energy, passion, and desire to win increases exponentially.

It’s not just between the players either – just this past season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers staff found a special way to express the power of Choose Love. In the locker room, one wall was completely covered with hundreds of post-it notes all with the phrase “Choose Love” written on them. It was the team’s way of showing everyone on the team that, no matter what, they all have each other’s back and were dedicated to playing for each other.

Choose Love really isn’t difficult to put into action, but it can make a huge difference. All it takes is a commitment wholesale jerseys from china each person to always keep choosing love first. That small, yet powerful, action will create a ripple effect throughout the team, and in turn the league, that no other concept can.

It is actually quite remarkable what happens when the mentality of Choose Love takes over a team – and I don’t mean just the performance on the field. The bond among the players and staff is strengthened, the atmosphere in the locker room is overwhelmingly positive, and it radiates outwards to the fans, where even they feel a part of something special.

The most special part of all though is seeing the smiles on the players’ faces after a game. Win or lose, each of them knows that win or wholesale jerseys lose they chose love first. That moment is astounding and can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a series of losses or a turbulent atmosphere for a team to remember to Choose Love. Despite that, it’s still one of the most powerful things a team can do – and I think it is sooo important for NFL teams to not forget to make Choose Love a priority.