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what do nfl players drink for cramps

I recently posed an interesting question as a poll for my team mates. What do NFL players drink for cramps? As you know, anyone who has ever watched or cheap nfl jerseys participated in a game of football knows about the dreaded cramps and that it’s no joke. It turns out that the athletes of the National Football League, just like any other amateur or professional athlete, have to carefully manage their electrolyte intake in order to reduce cramping.

The consensus among my teammates was that Gatorade is the go-to drink, but most of the experts also agree that hydration goes way beyond just Gatorade. Even athletes who don’t experience cramps need to stay fully hydrated in order to maximize their performance. A lot of pro football players will drink protein shakes with carbohydrates in them before and after games to replenish their energy levels. Those shake drinks can also contain electrolytes to help with hydration.

While some people hear the words Gatorade and protein shakes and immediately think that the NFL players are guzzling down gallons of the stuff after every game, this isn’t the case. Most of them understand that the best way to avoid cramping up, and to stay hydrated, is to drink the right amounts of fluids throughout the day. Obviously, during an especially physical game, they will need to drink more, but during regular practice they pay attention to their individual hydration level and adjust accordingly.

My friend, who has quite a few connections in the NFL, explained that a lot of players also carry around special powder that they mix with water, and then they sip on it throughout the day. This is a great way for them to get electrolytes without having to drink too much Gatorade or protein shakes. Plus, it helps keep the cost of their hydration supplies to a minimum.

Besides the powder, some of the players also take pills that contain electrolytes. Cheap Jerseys from china what I’ve heard, these pills tend to be quite popular among those players that worry about keeping their electrolytes levels in check.

It seems like NFL players are also paying attention to the type of water they drink, and they’re far more adventurous than most of us in experimenting with different brands and different kinds of water. One of the water brands that has a lot of fans among NFL players is alkaline water, which is made with electrolytes that replenish the body’s system.

Finally, I’ve heard about players that like to drink coconut water to replenish their electrolytes after exercise. Coconut water does cost a bit more than the average bottled water, but many of the players are willing to shell out a bit of extra cash when it comes to their hydration.

As for me, I usually rely on fresh fruit to get the electrolytes that my body needs. During the offseason, I make sure to eat water-rich fruits such as grapefruit, oranges, and watermelon, plus I often eat light snacks that I know contain electrolytes.