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what countries watch the nfl

Talking about the NFL, I’m sure as an American I’m not alone in saying that it’s one of the most exciting sports that you can watch. I’m sure somewhere out there in this big wide world, there are people from other countries who also enjoy watching the games. Let’s see what countries watch NFL.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of people from countries outside of the USA who are big fans of the National Football League. In fact, some of the countries with the most NFL viewers are Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Germany, and even Australia!

Canada has a long history of loving football, and it’s no surprise that the NFL is popular there. Did you know that Canada actually has a CFL franchises? So it’s no surprise that Canadians love tuning into watch their favorite teams battle it out on the field!

The United Kingdom has a large fanbase of NFL enthusiasts, as well. In fact, the BBC has broadcasted some of the most popular NFL games to their viewers. And while the games aren’t prime-time in the UK, there are still Football pubs that are filled with people watching the games!

Mexico has a long-time admiration for the wholesale nfl jerseys from china, too. In fact, they even had a couple of teams- the San Antonio Texans and the El Paso Generals. Although these teams eventually stopped playing, Mexican fans still tune in to watch the games!

Germany has NFL viewership as well. Every last Sunday of the regular season, they have an NFL Sunday ticket so fans can get their football fix.

The same goes for Australia. Their league, ‘Aussie rules’, is the most popular in the country, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love to watch NFL games too. It’s been said that one third of Australians have a NFL team they consider their favorite!

I’m sure that there are even more countries – far and wide – that are tuning in to watch American football. From Canada to Australia, it looks like the NFL is doing its part in taking the world by storm!

Every single time, when I think about the NFL and its international fanbase, I shiver with joy. I can already feel the excitement in the air when the NFL season rolls around. Especially in those countries outside the US, you can sense the anticipation and passion for football that radiates from the people. Clearly, the NFL has taken the world by storm with its growing number of international viewers.

I always feel great admiration for those countries where the NFL is really popular as football has been there hearts ever since they were kids. It’s quite amazing to think that these people have lined up to watch football games throughout the years even though most of them never had the chance to see a live NFL game in their life.

It’s really incredible to see how popular the NFL is in countries outside the US too. Even the countries where football isn’t the most popular sport, they still have people who are tuning in to watch the NFL. This just proves that the NFL is a truly global phenomenon and is here to stay.

So what kind of events are these countries hosting in order to engage with the NFL and its viewers? It could be anything from pub events, to NFL viewing parties or even fantasy football leagues. It’s an exciting way to get more people interested in the sport and for those international viewers to stay connected with the NFL.

In addition, many of these countries are getting involved in the NFL on a whole new level. For instance, Mexico and the UK have hosted some of the most successful NFL international games. Furthermore, I heard that Japan could be hosting a game in the near future!

Moreover, I just recently stumbled upon a website dedicated to the NFL in the UK. On the website, you can find a ton of information about the NFL and its teams as well as some really cool-looking merchandise. People from all over Europe can visit the site and purchase apparel and merchandise from the store which help to support both local businesses and the NFL in general.

And the support for the NFL isn’t limited to physical merchandise either. Millions of fans in those countries have taken to online streaming services and technologies in order to watch the games and stay connected with their favorite teams.

About every week now, you can find people on Twitter talking about the NFL and their favorite teams. This is a great way for wholesale nfl jerseys those international NFL viewers to stay connected with the game they love and to engage with fans from different countries.

We can also look into various online gaming sites to see just how passionate international viewers have become. The NFL has become so popular that these countries have started their own fantasy football leagues!

And of course, let’s not forget about the NFL fan clubs. All around the world, people have been gathering to watch NFL games together. I would bet, in some countries, the fan clubs are even bigger then the local football teams!

It’s honestly amazing how much the NFL has taken off not only in the United States, but all around the world. I certainly feel glad that these countries have had a chance to experience a wonderful game that brings people from all corners of the world together – no matter where they’re from.

I’m also enthusiastic that sharing the NFL with other countries has become a way to express solidarity. Whenever we see the NFL travelling to different countries, we can feel proud to know that it’s making an effort to form cultural bridges and even to progress peace in distant lands.