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what are the nfl international games

So I was talking to my friend the other day and we were discussing the NFL International Games. Wow, it sure does feel like it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to watch games with my buddies.

To give you some background, the NFL began hosting the International Games back in 2007 when the Miami Dolphins faced off against the New York Giants in London, England. Since then, it has continued hosting games in different countries around the world, which have become some of the most watched and talked about events in the sport.

It’s just so incredible that people can see such a huge piece of American culture on the biggest stage it has, in countries like China, Mexico, and Germany just to name a few. And it’s not only about the experience in the stadium either, it’s the social connections created between the countries too.

I mean, what could be more unifying than the love for the sport? You have Aussie Rules Football in Australia, which is their number one game to watch and cheap jerseys touch football in Mexico, which is their number one sport to play. These two countries have a lot of similarities and now they both have the NFL.

The NFL International Games have been a huge success in the last few years. I’ve never seen a sport bring so many people and cultures together and I’m sure it’s only going to get bigger and better as time goes on.

To top it all off, the American media loves covering the games. NBC, ABC, ESPN, and Fox have all showed up to cover these events giving the NFL a national reach that it didn’t have before.

One of the greatest things about the international games is the chance for the players to experience a whole different culture. Going to different countries allows the players to share their own culture and learn more about the culture of host country. For them, it’s an adventure rather than just a game.

But above all, Cheap Jerseys free shipping there’s nothing better than seeing a country come together to support their teams. I can’t wait to see more of these games and I’m sure you can’t either!

Building on the topic, we must talk about the NFL International Series. This is the annual series of regular season games played outside of the United States that began in 2006. The teams that participate in this series get to experience a huge international fan base, having the opportunity to win new fans from all over the world.

It’s really been quite amazing to see teams from all over the United States be part of this series. With the Jaguars playing annual games in London since 2013, and teams like the Rams, the Chiefs, and the Cardinals all playing games in Mexico City, it’s just so incredible to see the exposure of our nation’s teams to a global fan base.

Besides the teams from the U.S., international teams like the UK’s own Wembley Stadium have also been part of the international series, showcasing some of the NFL’s best teams. I still remember watching both games that were held at Wembley in 2019 when the Raiders played the Chicago Bears and the Bengals took on the Rams. It was a really incredible sight!

Not only that, but you have to admire the creativity of the NFL when it comes to their International Series. There have been games played on cruises and even in locations like China and Germany, providing some truly unique experiences for fans from those countries.

It’s hard to ignore the impact that these international games have had on the NFL. With a consolidated fan base not only in the U.S, but around the world, every team in this league has benefited from the International Series.

It’s truly been inspiring to see how the NFL has gone above and beyond to make sure that everyone around the world can watch their games and be part of their events. In fact, mobile streaming apps like NFL Game Pass have made it even easier for people to stay connected and catch every minute of the action no matter where they are.

I’m sure that this trend is set to continue in the years to come. With the NFL continuing to strive to make the game available to anyone who wants to watch, we can only anticipate more international games in the near future!