Tender Leaf Farm


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Would you like to join us in feeding the horses? 

Come explore the sweet Tender Leaf Farm which is designed to be open and accessible for little hands and offers the opportunity for fun social play. This adorable set includes:

  • A barn with barn doors and a feeding trough with 2 stables featuring opening doors. A ladder leading to a hayloft, a pulley system with a magnetic end to lift hay bales and a cowshed with feeding sections
  • Four fences 
  • A stile and 3 hay bales
  • 2 geese
  • 2 horses
  • A grain trough and an animal feeding trough
  • A beehive 
  • 6 logs. 

Suitable for ages: 3+ years

Package Dimensions

52.9cm L32.3cm H5.2cm W2.5kg

Product Dimensions

51cm L22cm H38.5cm W