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is the nfl predetermined

Wow, Cheap Jerseys from china is the NFL predetermined? Before I give you my take on it let me tell you a little story that happened to me. I was at the Super Bowl last year and I honestly couldn’t BELIEVE what I saw. It was as if it was scripted by the NFL and my jaw dropped when one of the teams scored a touchdown that changed the entire outcome. As if it was too perfect! I was in shock.

Another thing I noticed was that they stopped the clock for an extended period of time. It was nearly 10 minutes. I mean, what could you possibly do in 10 minutes that would make the outcome of the game different? I feel like they might have changed some of the players or something. I mean, it’s extremely suspicious to me.

Even the referees seemed to be in on it. I mean, the amount of penalties and the calls that they made were outrageous. No wonder the outcome went one way, it was all predetermined. I mean, they never called the penalty that would have gone against the other team in the last few minutes of the game. It’s almost as if they knew what the result should be or wanted it to be and that’s why they didn’t call the penalty.

And then, what about the halftime show? It was obviously choreographed. Every move and dance step was in perfect sync. I mean, how does that happen? It was almost robotic and it felt like it was stilted. It felt weird and it made it feel like the entire game was predetermined.

The last thing I noticed is that the teams with the biggest contracts did the best. Not the best players, but the ones with the most money. I mean, it’s almost as if they determined who was going to win and lose before the game. It’s just so obvious to me that the entire game was predetermined.

I mean, there are so many signs that are pointing to the game being predetermined and it’s hard to ignore them. I really want to believe that the game isn’t predetermined, but it’s hard to look past all of the evidence. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

That being said, it would appear that the wholesale nfl jerseys from china is, in some ways, predetermined. The players, the referees, the halftime show, and the teams with the most money all appear to have had a say in the outcome of the game. And that’s what’s so frustrating – it’s like they know who will win and lose before the game even starts.