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is doug flutie in the nfl hall of fame

I’ll never forget Doug Flutie. To me, he’s a true football hero. He defied all odds and accomplished incredible feats on the football field, and it all started with the Hail Mary pass.

That Hail Mary play was one of the greatest plays in college football history. Flutie threw a sixty yard Hail Mary pass on the last play of the game, giving his team the victory. wholesale jerseys from china then on, people around the world knew the name “Flutie”.

Not only was Flutie a great pass thrower in college, he also succeeded in the NFL. His first two years in the NFL he started five games, went 4 – 1, and threw 14 touchdown passes. However, his best year in the NFL would come in 1998 when he earned the honor of Comeback Player of the Year.

That performance is enough to make most people wonder why Flutie isn’t in the NFL Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, his career stats just don’t quite reach the goals necessary to get in. For example, Flutie’s career was cut short after 11 seasons, in which he only had 36 touchdown passes and an overall rating of 71.5. Despite his legacy, his career just wasn’t long enough to get him to the final voting round.

Still, some argue that Flutie should be in the NFL Hall of Fame. After all, Flutie won the Heisman Trophy, the Walter Camp Award, the Maxwell Award, the Davey O’Brien Award and the AP Player of the Year Award. He also has an impeccable reputation as an athlete and gave hope to the little guys everywhere.

Personally, I think Flutie should get a spot in the Hall of Fame. He was an inspiring role model who fought hard and always gave his best effort. Whenever I think of football, I think of Flutie and the amazing plays he made to win.

Now, with Flutie’s sons playing football, fans get to relive his legacy today. His son Troy is playing at Boston College, while his younger son Billy is playing college football at Texas. Even though Doug does not have a spot in the NFL Hall of Fame, he still celebrated as a football star every time his sons take the field.

Perhaps with the ongoing success of his sons, the call for Doug Flutie to be in the NFL Hall of Fame will increase more and more over time. Who knows? Maybe the voters will finally see what an incredible athlete and person Doug Flutie truly is.

I often think about Flutie and his amazing football career. He was an underdog athlete who worked hard and strived for greatness, and those are the qualities I truly admire. He helped transform college football into what it is today and, while his stats weren’t as incredible as others in the NFL, Doug Flutie will always be a legend in my eyes.

Despite the fact that Flutie isn’t in the NFL Hall of Fame today, I’m confident his legacy will live on forever. Even though his sons won’t get to experience his induction, I believe his impact as an athlete and Cheap Jerseys from china a role model will never be forgotten.