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how to stream nfl game pass

Watching an NFL game without having to leave the house? Count me in! I’ve been looking for a way to stream NFL game pass since I moved to a city without an NFL team. When I heard about streaming NFL game pass I was giddy with excitement! After a few simple steps, I became a “couch fan” and wholesale jerseys can now watch any NFL game and my favorite team live or on-demand.

Watching an NFL game with friends has never been easier! First off, you need a compatible streaming device. My options included Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and the Xbox One. Once you have your device of choice, locate the app that works for you. NFL Game Pass houses a lot of content and sometimes the app can be tricky to find, but don’t worry it just takes a few minutes of searching around. After I found the game pass app, I hadn’t even realized I was just moments away from streaming my favorite NFL team.

When you fire up the app you’ll notice the navigation on the left side of the main page. All the options are right there! Live broadcasts, Condensed games, reviews and rewinds, cheap jerseys original programming and the NFL Draft. I was so impressed there was something for everyone! I can hear you saying, “That sounds awesome, but the games are only booked for certain times, what if I can’t watch it at that time?” Well, NFL Game Pass offers Sunday games on demand and I can access video clips 24/7 – how cool is that?

To boot, NFL Game Pass offers stats, highlights, the news of the week and awesome discounts on league merchandise. Not to mention, the service offers fantasy sports oversight. When it comes to fantasy options, NFL Game Pass has you covered. You won’t just be watching your favorite players play, you can now watch your fantasy players score!

Furthermore, NFL Game Pass doesn’t just make watching a game as easy as downloading the app, it has variations in price to make things easier. You can supercharge your season with the NFL Game Pass for a whole year with all the updates and programming for the whole year all at the click of your fingers! And, if you’re just looking to catch the big games or check out the highlights, they offer monthly and single-game options for your convenience.

NFL Game Pass is something I could never have dreamed possible. I’m almost beside myself with the awesome options this service has to offer! No more waiting for the big game to be televised. You can stream directly from your device, or watch it on the go! From highlights and recaps to live games and condensed games, all my NFL needs are taken care of!