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how to change nhl app icon android

One of the biggest things I like to do with my Android device is to customize the way it looks. Whenever I get a new one, I like to change the logo or app icons to make it unique. I recently got into NHL hockey, so I wanted to customize my logo to the NHL app. I found several tutorials to help me with the process and now I’m going to share what I learned with you!

For starters, you’ll need to download an app called “Luncyshade Launcher” from the Google Play Store. This app will allow you to customize the icons and logos of all your installed apps. Once you open it, you’ll be able to browse through the various icon packs they offer. Look for a pack with an NHL logo and then select it.

After you choose a logo, you’ll be given the option to select which app you want to replace. To do this, simply tap the app’s icon and select “Change App Icon”. If you don’t want to change the app logo for just one app, you can always select the “Change All App Icon” option which will apply the same logo to all of your apps.

The next step is to customize the logo of the NHL app. To do this, tap the newly applied NHL logo and select “Edit Logo”. Here, you’ll be able to choose a different color, shape, and size for your logo.

Next, you’ll need to save your logo. This step is important because otherwise you won’t be able to use it. To do this, just tap the “Save Logo” button and select whether you want to save it locally or in the cloud.

The final step is to apply the logo to your NHL app. To do this, tap the logo and select “Apply Logo to App”. This will apply the logo to your NHL app and you’ll be ready to go.

That’s it for this tutorial! As you can see, it’s not hard at all to change the logo of your NHL app using the Luncyshade Launcher. Now, you can give your device a unique look and show your love for the nhl jerseys!

Now taking this further, you need to consider if you want to keep the logo on your NHL app forever. I personally recommend that you change it more often as there are tons of different logo options available and you can switch between them whenever you want.

For example, if you’re a die-hard fan of the Boston Bruins, you could set the team’s logo for the app. Then, if a friend of yours supports another team, you could switch it to that team’s logo to give your friend a pleasant surprise. It’s a great way to show your support for the team, and also to show your support for your friend.

The next step is to think about using unique animations instead of the typical always-on logo. The Luncyshade Launcher offers a variety of animations that you can choose for your app logo. For instance, you can make the logo move or rotate around the screen or you can use a sports animation that resembles a hockey puck jumping across the screen. How cool is that?

Finally, if you want to go one step further you can also use third-party apps to create your own logo with custom designs. There are tons of apps available that offer a variety of tools to make your logo unique and tailored to your style. Whether it’s a cartoon version of your favorite team’s logo or just something that speaks to you, you can make it happen.

So if you’re looking to customize your NHL app logo and make it more exciting, you have a few options available. Use the Luncyshade Launcher to apply a logo with your favorite team, customize it with unique animations or use a third-party app to make your own design. There’s plenty of options to make your cheap nhl jerseys app logo stand out from the rest. And who knows, maybe it’ll get you more fans!