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how often glass break nhl

I’m sure everyone who has ever watched an NHL game has seen at least one shattered pane of glass. I was recently at a game where I saw a huge smash that left the glass completely shattered and the crowd absolutely buzzing. I actually found myself wondering how often this happens in an cheap nhl jerseys game – how often glass breaks in the NHL?

For the purpose of this post, I went through and looked at the stats from the last five NHL seasons to see what the answer to this question could be. It turns out the answer was quite surprising – glass actually doesn’t break very often during the NHL season! Over the last five seasons, the average number of times glass was broken was just twelve times per season.

This statistic made me pause and think about how designs for NHL arena rinks have to account for glass breaking. With such a low number of breaking trips over the course of a season, it shouldn’t be a surprise that arenas are now designed with extra reinforcements to prevent shattering glass. This is especially helpful in winter months, when the ice conditions are a bit worse and glass is more liable to shatter.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that there haven’t been any major injuries to fans or players due to injuries caused by shattered glass. While glass is a part of the rink, it usually doesn’t present any major problems in terms of safety. Again, this could be attributed to the extra reinforcement or the staff in charge of promptly clearing up any broke pieces of glass.

From what I’ve seen, glass doesn’t break all that often at NHL games. While it’s integrated into the rink and indispensable to the sports culture, it doesn’t really seem to present a safety hazard anymore. This could be thanks to the extra reinforcements on the glass or the increased awareness of injury prevention. Either way, it looks like glass is safely integrated into the NHL.

It also looks like levels of violence in games is having an effect too. As players skate around the rink, their bodies tend to oscillate and collide into the boards, resulting in a lot of shaking and occasionally a broken piece of glass. Over the last few years, we’ve seen rules increasingly target overly aggressive play and limit the level of violence between players. This could explain why the number of times glass is breaking is so low – the collision-heavy plays that often lead to glass disruption have been largely reduced.

To add, I also spoke with a few fans that have been to NHL games and they all seemed to have a common response that it’s been a while since they’ve seen the glass get broken. When I asked them why they thought that was, I simply got a shrug of the shoulders followed by a sly smile – almost as if they thought it was a rite of passage of sorts.

Just B: B Wants: Capes times threeMaybe all this speaks to the increased safety measures the cheap nhl jerseys is taking in ensuring glass doesn’t present a danger to those watching games. Instead, it seems to be safely integrated into the culture and most times no one notices it shattering. Now, instead of watching for broken glass, I’m now watching for the big hits that lead to them!