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how much each nfl team last sold for

I have always been intrigued by the money involved in the NFL. Everyone knows that multi-billion dollar deals are commonplace in the league, but I never thought about how the actual teams themselves are worth. Recently, I did some research about how much each NFL team last sold for.

10 months agoTo be honest, I found it pretty shocking! Some teams are worth billions and billions of dollars, while at the same time some teams cost less than the average person’s house. But that’s what makes the NFL such an intriguing thing – it’s not just what your team plays on the field, it’s what your team is worth off the field.

The 49ers were just recently sold to the Wilcox family for an astonishing $1.2 billion. The Cowboys are worth even more, at an estimated $4.2 billion! That’s almost more money than most countries are worth! The Rams, Panthers, Patriots and Redskins all come in at prices around the billion dollar mark too.

On the other hand, the median cost for buying a team was just around $864 million. The Buccaneers, Colts, Cardinals and wholesale jerseys Jaguars all sold for around one billion dollars, although the Jaguars are slightly higher at $1.2 billion. The Titans, Texans and Chiefs are all slightly above the billion dollar mark as well, but all are still under the median.

Even teams not in bigger markets can be worth a lot too. The Packers are estimated by Forbes to be worth $2.3 billion and the Ravens are worth $1.5 billion. Every team, even when not in a top media market, is worth a lot in the league.

Then, there are the teams that recently sold but didn’t get as much money as you would expect. The Bills is worth the least amount when compared to the rest of the league, coming in at an estimated sale price of $1.5 billion. It’s a huge difference to teams like the Niners, but still a lot of money.

That’s why it’s so fascinating to research about the cost of each NFL team. Of course, the actual price paid for them might change due to market conditions and the actual performance of the team, as market performance and wins tend to rise money earned.

Because of this, some teams have been trying to change their management and roster to make sure they are getting the most that they can for their team when it is being sold. For instance, cheap jerseys the Browns were recently bought for $1.15 billion after moving to a new city and undergoing a rebuild in management and personnel.

Interestingly, the NFL also limits the amount of money someone can spend on a team. Recently, the Raiders were bought for $2.3 billion, but as the NFL has a $1.25 billion price limit on teams being sold, the remaining $1.05 billion had to be financed through a loan from the League.

There you have it, to be an NFL owner you’ll need some serious money- and a lot of it! It really makes you wonder how much these teams will be worth when it comes time for them to sell, and just how much football teams are worth regardless of whether they win or not.